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  1. No word has been changed from the original KJV Bible. However, the formatting and pagination have been greatly changed to improve ease of reading.

  2. Designed to be Read Silently, Just Ahead of Computer Voice, by Paragraph, at Adjustable Speed, and with Instant Pause and/or Repeat.

  3. For All Readers Using an iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad mini, iPad, Apple Laptop, or Apple Desktop.

  4. Note: If you just want to read the text without voice assist, you can use any smartphone or computer.

  5. Free Demo can be done on any Smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer: Call 978-927-9234.

Reading the Bible is now a lot of fun, and like reading great literature: with reasonable paragraph length, and all chapters indicated by sub-titles, and removal of almost all verse numbering. Make better use of your existing phone or tablet; have the Bible ready to continue reading at all times.

Also, there is the option of interactive, computer-voice,

at adjustable speed, and adjustable pausing after commas, semi-colons and periods. Pause and/or Repeat paragraph presentation anytime you want and as often as you want. Presentation stops automatically as soon as you loose focus, wander off, or fall asleep.

With the voice assistance, you can now read silently first at normal speaking speed (150 words per minute); then with practice you can move up to 300-350 words per minute; then with more practice you can move up to 500 words per minute and above, all with excellent comprehension. Develop transferrable skills for regular reading.

Text or Call us at 978-927-9234 for a Free Demo on your existing computer or smartphone, anywhere in the USA or Canada. Read silently just ahead of the voice, or just listen to as a superior audio format with adjustable voice speed.

The voice-to-text software already exists on your Apple device and is totally Free. All you need to do is to set it up and learn the basic commands. Call us at 978-927-9234 to arrange for this live instruction over the Internet. This is a one hour instruction class for individuals or small groups up to 10 people. Cost is $75.00 for the hour, regardless of the number of attendees. Once you learn the basic setup and operating commands, you can easily teach others. This approach is ideal for church congregations, church schools, and Bible study groups.

Now you can think as you read, and read at the speed you think. Immediate empowerment for millions. This approach provides immediate help for All Average and Good readers, as well as those challenged with Dyslexia, ADHD, ADD, Low Vision, ESL, Slow Reading, Poor Fluency, Reading Anxiety, Poor Comprehension, and the 18 Bad Reading Habits.

Any book or Internet article can be formatted and read with this approach; this approach is called Proportional Reading.

Get Help Learning to Read Well. See Photos Below.

Read this text in landscape mode (rather than portrait mode). It will be much larger and easier to read.

Pick the right font size for your device. The 18 point font size (F18) is right for the iPhone and iPod Touch; the 24 point font size (F24) is right for iPad and larger screens.

Note: Text on Apple laptops and desktops can be further adjusted by pressing command+ to enlarge and Command- to reduce.

Click on the Book of the Bible KJV You Want to Read:

Genesis (B01)F18                Genesis (B01)F24

Exodus (B02)F18                 Exodus (B02)F24

Leviticus (B03)F18              Leviticus (B03)F24

Numbers (B04)F18              Numbers (B04)F24

Deuteronomy (B05)F18       Deuteronomy (B05)F24

Joshua (B06)F18                Joshua (B06)F24

Judges (B07)F18                Judges (B07)F24

Ruth (B08)F18                    Ruth (B08)F24

1 Samuel (B09)F18             1 Samuel (B09)F24 

2 Samuel (B10)F18             2 Samuel (B10)F24

1 Kings (B11)F18               1 Kings (B11)F24

2 Kings (B12)F18               2 Kings (B12)F24

1 Chronicles (B13)F18        1 Chronicles (B13)F24

2 Chronicles (B14)F18        2 Chronicles (B14)F24

Ezra (B15)F18                    Ezra (B15)F24

Nehemiah (B16)F18            Nehemiah (B16)F24

Esther (B17)F18                 Esther (B17)F24

Job (B18)F18                     Job (B18)F24

Psalms (B19)F18                 Psalms (B19)F24

Proverbs (B20)F18              Proverbs (B20)F24

Ecclesiastes (B21)F18         Ecclesiastes (B21)F24

Song of Solomon (B22)F18  Song of Solomon (B22)F24

Isaiah (B23)F18                  Isaiah (B23)F24

Jeremiah (B24)F18             Jeremiah (B24)F24

Lamentations (B25)F18      Lamentations (B25)F24

Ezekiel (B26)F18                Ezekiel (B26)F24

Daniel (B27)F18                 Daniel (B27)F24

Hosea (B28)F18                 Hosea (B28)F24

Joel (B29)F18                    Joel (B29)F24

Amos (B30)F18                 Amos (B30)F24

Obadiah (B31)F18              Obadiah (B31)F24

Jonah (B32)F18                 Jonah (B32)F24

Micah (B33)F18                  Micah (B33)F24

Nahum (B34)F18                Nahum (B34)F24

Habakkuk (B35)F18            Habakkuk (B35)F24

Zephaniah (B36)F18           Zephaniah (B36)F24

Haggai (B37)F18                Haggai (B37)F24

Zechariah (B38)F18            Zechariah (B38)F24

Malachi (B39)F18               Malachi (B39)F24

Mathew (B40)F18              Mathew (B40)F24

Mark (B41)F18                  Mark (B41)F24

Luke (B42)F18                  Luke (B42)F24

John (B43)F18                  John (B43)F24

Acts (B44)F18                  Acts (B44)F24

Romans (B45)F18              Romans (B45)F24

1 Corinthians (B46)F18      1 Corinthians (B46)F24

2 Corinthians (B47)F18      2 Corinthians (B47)F24

Galatians (B48)F18            Galatians (B48)F24

Ephesians (B49)F18           Ephesians (B49)F24

Philippians (B50)F18          Philippians (B50)F24

Colossians (B51)F18          Colossians (B51)F24

1 Thessalonians (B52)F18  1 Thessalonians (B52)F24

2 Thessalonians (B53)F18  2 Thessalonians (B53)F24

1 Timothy (B54)F18          1 Timothy (B54)F24

2 Timothy (B55)F18          2 Timothy (B55)F24

Titus (B56)F18                 Titus (B56)F24

Philemon (B57)F18            Philemon (B57)F24

Hebrews (B58)F18            Hebrews (B58)F24

James (B59)F18               James (B59)F24

1 Peter (B60)F18             1 Peter (B60)F24

2 Peter (B61)F18             2 Peter (B61)F24

1 John (B62)F18              1 John (B62)F24

2 John (B63)F18              2 John (B63)F24

3 John (B64)18                3 John (B64)F24

Jude (B65)F18                 Jude (65)F24

Revelation (B66)F18         Revelation (B66)F24