Massage Tool

Relieve Aches and Pains from Exercising, Reading, and Working at Your Desk or Office


For Every Home, K-12 Classroom, and Office

(Follow Directions Below for 1 Minute Self-Massage.)

Hold Like a Towel. Many Uses. Snaps Apart for Travel.

Unconditional, 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee.

Advanced Self-Massage Tool


Neck, Shoulders, Back, Buttocks, and Thighs

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Many Uses:

  1. Relieve Aches and Pains from reading, studying, and working at your desk or office.

  2. Relieve Morning Stiffness.

  3. Increase Circulation.

  4. Relax Your Muscles so you can go back to sleep at night.

  5. Focus in on tight areas with edge of wheel.

  6. Use as part of your daily Physical and Occupational Therapy.

  7. No need to lie down to use; remain standing.

  8. Share with others.

  9. Also use as Back Scratcher.

  10. Keep with you during the day.

  11. Medical quality; rugged and long lasting.

  12. No drugs, No pills, No prescriptions; Much healthier.

  13. Pays for itself each month in medication savings alone.

How To Use

  1. 1.Hold and use just like a towel. Complete routine below in 1 minute.

  2. 2.Add just as much (or little) pressure as you desire on each handle.

  3. 3.Reach any part of your back, neck, shoulders, bottom, or thighs.

  4. 4.Optionally start with super light feather strokes to create electrical waves.

  5. 5.Rub up and down your back, with one wheel on either side of your spine (never roll across your spine).

  1. 6.Then roll both wheels up and down either side of the spine; start with moderate pressure, then adjust pressure as desired.
  2. 7.Next, roll back and forth across your neck, moving from left to right.

  1. 8.Next, Roll back and forth across the top of your shoulders,

  2. 9.Then, Roll up and over each shoulder. Note: Upper palm is face up and lower palm is facing out from back.
  3. 10.Roll back and forth across your lower back. Start on left side.
  4. 11.Then move to right side.
  5. 12.Roll back and forth across your buttocks. Start on left.
  6. 13.Then move to right.
  7. 14.Roll up across the bottom of each of your thighs. Start on left.
  8. 15.Then move to right.

  1. 16.Use edge of wheel to loosen tight areas.

  2. 17.Hold wheels stationary for Pressure Point massage, applying as much pressure as needed.

  3. 18.No need to lie on the floor.

  4. 19.Choose from three different feels, wearing: no clothes, just a shirt, or a fleece jacket.

  5. 20.Use daily.

  6. 21.Share with family, college roommates, or office coworkers.

  7. 22.Unsnap handles for travel. Unit breaks down into three, short, nestled pieces. Consider taking your unit back and forth to work. To attach handles, line up the two dimples on the left handle right next to the two dimples at the left end of the base. Repeat with the one dimple on the right handle and right side of base. Press in both snap buttons at the same time when attaching or removing each handle.

  8. 23.Ideal for home, office, and K-12 school classrooms.


Frame is sturdy, anodized aluminum with 3” rubber wheels and foam rubber handles.

Made in Massachusetts, USA.


Call to Order or Ask Questions: 978-927-9234

Price: $39.95 each, plus $8.75 Shipping anywhere in USA. Free shipping in USA on second, third or fourth units ordered at the same time and shipped to the same point. We accept PayPal, Visa, Master Card, American Express, Money Cards, and Account Transfers.

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