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Bundle of 3 Reading Classes at $35 each for a total of $105.00.


Please Note: Our program is designed for 7 sessions a week. This breaks down to 6 sessions of daily independent practice, using the materials on our website and following the instruction we have given you. In addition, there is one class of one-on-one instruction per week lasting 40 minutes. A group of 3 classes ordered together at one time is $35 per class ($105.00 total).

Payment for classes is due in advance of class. Order as many classes as you want at one time. Also, the Walmart Money Card has no credit check and no overdraft charges.

Multipurpose Book Stand

Cost: $149 each with $20 shipping anywhere in USA.

Optional, Adjustable Page Clamps cost $50.

To Order OTHER Book Holders, Go to the Specific Page Listed Below. Call for Free Consultation and Custom Designs: 978-927-9234.

iPad and Tablet Floor Stand for Sitting Up in Chair or Recliner

Book Maid for Reading Sitting Up in Bed

Read Lying Flat on Your Back

iPhone Holder and Adjustable Neck Strap (for reading books, etc.)

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