Give The Reading Salute And Double Your Daily Reading!

Salute Your Reading Bone

(Directions Below)

Learn How To Read On Your Side In Bed


Each of us has a reading bone. This bone is located at the curved juncture of your forehead and your nose. Look at the picture above on the left to see the location of your reading bone. It is easy to give the Reading Salute using your reading bone.

To give the Reading Salute, hold your fingers flat and level and place the forefinger of either hand on your reading bone, snugly against your reading bone. The middle of your forefinger should touch your reading bone. Place your thumb along the side of your head behind your eyes. See a proper Reading Salute in the picture above on the right. You will immediately notice that your index finger and the rest of your fingers make a straight line between your eyes. This line is the key to doubling your daily reading.

To double your daily reading, you want to learn how to enjoy reading on your side in bed. Once you learn how to do this, you will find it so comfortable and enjoyable to read this way, that you will spend much more time reading each morning and evening than before.

The key to reading on your side in bed is your Reading Salute. Note the angle of your Reading Salute when you lie in bed on your side, either on your left side or on your right side, with your head on a pillow in a very comfortable and relaxed position. Lie either on top of your bed, or under your sheet and blankets. The top line of text on your screen (iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, iPod Touch, etc) should be at the same angle as your salute. The two lines should be parallel. This is true whether your device is in portrait or landscape orientation.

Here is the key principle. You can not enjoy reading lying on your side in bed if the line of text does not angle up as it moves towards your feet. The angle for doing this is given by your Reading Salute. (If you measure this angle, you will find that it is almost always 33 degrees off perpendicular, or 67 degrees up from horizontal). The best way to get and check this angle is with your Reading Salute.

It is very easy to achieve this angle with any iPhone, iPad mini, iPad, iPad Touch, or other small flat screen tablet or Smartphone by using our Rotating & Tilting Device Holder. Just insert your electronic device in our Holder, and rotate the device to the desired angle. (See picture above.) You can do this in either Portrait or Landscape orientation, or anywhere in between, and with the charging cord optionally attached. We make this product for all small and medium flat screen electronic devices, with or without a case. Front to back tilt also adjusts.

Our Rotating and Tilting Device Holder is $48.00 with Free shipping anywhere in the USA. Choose which device you want it for: iPhone; iPod Touch; iPad mini; or iPad. Designed to use with or without a case. Call us at (978) 927-9234 with questions, or for custom orders. We accept Visa and Master Card. 30 Day Unconditional, Satisfaction Guarantee.

You will quickly note that the angle of rotation changes dramatically as you switch from reading on your left side, to reading on your right side, even though you keep the same angle of text in both cases. Our Rotating & Tilting Device Holder provides 360 degree rotation.

Note: you can use our same Rotating & Tilting Device Holder for 25 other purposes, like hands-free video calling using Skype or FaceTime, hands-free reading (in either portrait or landscape orientation) in an armchair, lawn chair, sofa, car, bus, train or plane, at a desk or table; doing close up photography, selfies, rotated still photography, professional video on a tripod, recipe viewing while cooking, as a lectern, teleprompter or music stand, or doing quality copy stand work. Finally, the inverted “T” shape base and vertical, raised mount design allows other items to be placed on the base, reducing the device footprint on a crowded desk to almost nothing.

Notes: Many people shake their legs or feet when they read sitting up. When you read lying on your side in bed, with a pillow between your knees, all such shaking often stops immediately. Your concentration will immediately improve.

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