Grant Request


For $2,000-$5,000+ Contributions

Towards Innovative Summer and Fall Pilot Programs 2018

For Adult Literacy Students In the Boston Area

Enrolled in ABE, ESOL, HISET, & TRANSITION Programs

As Well As

Several Middle School and High School

Summer and Fall Reading Enrichment Group Programs, Located Across the Country


I have developed a way to teach large numbers of students simultaneously with 1-on-1, interactive instruction. This simply has never been done before.

This is a game changer that allows professional instruction at rock bottom prices, providing widespread access to training and self-empowerment for students wishing to improve and enrich their reading.

The exact goals and steps for this reading enrichment program are described below in great detail.

I  am expecting to teach 500-1000 students this summer and fall in 10 Week programs. I will teach my 12-Lesson Course in Reading Improvement and enrichment from my office.

I will teach to Adult Literacy Students via the Internet in their own homes, or on the road, with access to any make of smartphone, laptop, or computer (PC, Mac or Android). This will create virtual group sessions. This is the approach that will be used for the Adult Literacy students. This is ideal because physical sites are closing for the summer.

All students regardless of type of equipment (Mac or PC) will also be able to practice independently at home with customized instruction in a progression of steps.

Teaching to Middle School and High School Reading Enrichment Students will be done by distance learning to the actual classrooms where the group instruction takes place, with a teacher/coach present. All these students regardless of type of equipment (Mac or PC) will also be able to practice independently at home with customized instruction in a progression of steps.

Total Funding Request is $17-20,000 for each 10 week program. This works out to $20 per student.

Name of Program:

Proportional Reading


John F. Adams


Current Situation in Boston and Current Need

There are 29 Adult Literacy programs in the Boston Area that I have been in contact with; I have been working with several different classes in some of these programs, testing out my type of teaching and my summer plan.

Almost all of these 29 regular adult literacy programs have a waiting list of students who can not get in; and simultaneously almost all of these programs are going to close for the summer.

Almost all of these students are upset about having to stop their learning this summer, and/or that they could not even get into a program earlier this year. Furthermore, it is well known that students reverse progress if they do nothing over the summer.

This is also true for Middle and High School students in need of reading improvement and enrichment.

Furthermore, there are two serious problems currently causing funds to be withheld from Boston Adult Literacy programs. Both of these problems can be solved by my program. First, many current programs have two few participants to impress funders. Second, many current programs are not showing sufficient student achievement gain from the beginning to the end of the school year. My program can grow very large, very fast. Secondly, my program at 1/2 hour of independent practice per day adds 170 hours of reading practice per student per year. This is the necessary formula to grow achievement results.


I am proposing to teach all of these students this summer with group classes run from my office to their homes, with everybody in a virtual group session connected by Internet.

Students will be able to ask questions and see my picture (frequently) as I talk with them. Although one person will speak at a time, everybody will hear that person and others in turn. Thus, my platform will act as a group session.

Note: Because students will be at their own homes and their voices muted to the general conference, unless they are the “one” currently chosen to answer “on stage”, everyone will be able to speak each answer out loud, as if they were the only one present. This is just one of many ways in this program that everybody gets 1on1 instruction simultaneously.

Also, at least initially students will watch each other read and learn from each other’s mistakes, each in turn. This is actually very powerful 1on1 instruction, in contrast to just listening to a lecture.

Also, it is planned that a number of the classes can be repeated independently (via a URL sent by E-mail). Students can use this for review, or if they did not attend the actual date of first presentation. This is in addition to home practice material, custom tailored, with interactive voice and text.

Students will discover the joy and empowerment of operating the reading controls themselves and deciding what works best for them, as they prepare for a lifetime of better reading.

The classes will be separately tailored for ABE, ESOL, HISET, and TRANSITION classes, or their equivalents in Middle School and High School.

My program will have 12 main group classes with 1-on-1 instruction, and 20 practice sessions of individually customized voice and text, reading great literature and thinking about what is read.

This program includes a 40 hour free phonetics course with real human voice files. I can show you this now, as it is already on all your devices.

Students will rapidly learn how to learn on their own, using customized voice and text, and repeating classes as needed.

If I can not raise all the money, I will expand the program as much as possible with the funds raised.

The program will run in July and August, and the last part of June.

Spread of This Pilot Program

This program can be spread instantly to Adult Literacy Programs in every other city in the Country.

Of course, this program can also be made part of any Regular Adult Literacy Class with students and teachers, on site.

It can also be spread to all Middle School and all High School students in each school district in the country, and throughout the school year, as well as during vacations and the summer.

Thirdly, this program can work as a model for corporate workplace literacy.

The Major Administrative Goals of This Program

● End your waitlists instantly. Everybody on the waitlist gets a Free 40 hour phonetics course to do independently, at home, with interactive, real human voice using any smartphone, or a Mac or PC.

● increase your customized, 1on1, interactive instruction to each student a hundred fold, both in class and out of class.

● Instantly increase student motivation, enjoyment and progress.

● Greatly reduce student training time and cost per student; reach many more adults.

● Use this one program for ESOL, ELL, ABE, LD, Pre HISET, and Transition (or their high school equivalents).

● Use our program to complement your existing instruction.

● Incorporate the dynamic of small group participation and collaboration into your classroom teaching, with its “group” help for teachers.

● Empower your students with the ability to learn on their own, and with the love and success of doing this independently, with just a little instruction; reap benefits from this extra learning time.

● Provide a summer and vacation program for all your students, done with distance learning.

● Enable your students to practice speaking English, as they improve their reading, with many hours of independent, interactive text and real human voice and/or computer voice.

● Provide a sophisticated vocabulary program, based on root words, interactive voice and text, and paragraphs of text for comprehension, with numerous multiple choice tests and doable on any smartphone or computer.

● Provide lifetime empowerment and create lifetime learners who love to read.

● Immediately provide a free, sophisticated, structured phonetic course with real human voice for all your regular students, which they can do anywhere, using any smartphone or any computer.

● Achieve far greater results for each dollar of funding.

● Optionally provide a coaching staff to help you.

The 10 Ways This Program is Different From Everything Else

1. We teach 1on1 in groups where everyone gets individual instruction throughout the class. This approach makes quality instruction affordable for all, as well as being compatible with existing High School and Adult Literacy classes; an approach which also enables Distance Learning, Program Outreach, and Lifetime Learning Empowerment.

2. Everybody with either a Mac or PC device (Smartphone, laptop or desktop)  can do this program. However, students only need an iPod touch and keyboard to do this program at home, or in groups at school, or at adult literacy centers, using their own software and giving all commands themselves. Any book or Internet article can be read this way with customized, individually tailored settings. This is affordable by all.

For large group presentation, a number of PC computer/monitors can tie into the same presentation. This allows groups of members to sit together in a small setting, while everybody sees and hears and reacts to the same material. A wireless mic (smartphone) is passed up and down the isles for each person in turn to actually work the controls and speak, as the others interact silently, and possibly help the reader if appropriate.

3. The controls and operations learned in class are the same ones used independently at home, or elsewhere.

4. This is a 12 class program of interactive computer voice and text, based on reading great literature. Class size can range in size. Our Reading Enrichment includes structured phonetics, bad habit correction, comprehension improvement, overcoming subvocalization, and vocabulary instruction. We test comprehension with many multiple choice quizzes, as we build vocabulary and develop an understanding of the world from learning about the 1200 key words for college success.

5. All our basic course material is on the Internet at our site, and available for free, anytime of day or night. This includes our progression of specially formatted great literature and our structured phonetic program.

6. We start with decoding, automaticity and fluency, and overcoming the 18 bad reading habits. Then we move on to increasing comprehension in four different ways. Students get comfortable reading a sentence at a time. This concludes the first part of the course.

7. In the second part of the course, we work on increasing speed and comprehension by overcoming subvocalization and lip reading, and by learning how to hear an inner voice as one reads silently. We also work on concept mapping and building vocabulary.

8. As we go through this course from start to finish, we progress from reading a phrase at a time, to reading a punctuation interval at a time, to reading a sentence at a time, and finally to reading a paragraph at a time, with instruction at each level.

  1. 9. In this process we move from reading out loud before hearing the computer voice, to reading silently with the computer voice (at normal reading and speaking speed), to reading silently ahead of the computer voice (at speeds 350-500 wpm and up).

10. At this point students are able to use our technology to read any article on the Internet with Computer Voice at good speed and with excellent comprehension, as they continue to develop transferrable skills.

Historic Opportunity

This is a history making opportunity, with the students in place and desirous of starting; and program administrators have given me the green light.

Overview of Reading Program:

Special Introduction for Administrators, Directors and School Teachers

Subjects Taught In Each Major Class: Progression of Teaching

Location of Phonetics Course

Location of Specially Formatted Text for Free Curriculum

Learn About Pragmatic Realization Therapy, The Underlying Philosophy/Approach Behind Our Program.

How to Use This Reading Improvement Program Simultaneously To Provide Mental Health

History of Proportional Reading and of John F. Adams

Detailed Discussion of Technical Aspects of This Program

Join In and Help Make History.

Please Also Share Your Connections. These Can Be Just As Valuable As Funds.