Adjust Height, Tilt & Rotation:

iPad Holder for Desks, Arm Chairs,

All Bed Tables, & Reading on Your Side in Bed. Folds Flat.

Double Your Daily Reading


Many Uses

  1. Read lying down, sitting up, or resting on either side in bed. Rotates and tilts as needed, and rises above covers. Use with all bed tables. Adjustable height. Fits in attache case.

  2. 360 degree rotation, with or without charging cable.

  3. Screen Held Up above desk surface for low footprint. Pile other items on base.

  4. Front-to-Back Tilt adjusts, folds flat.

  5. Read on your lap in an armchair on pillow.

  6. Read in car/bus/train seat, or sofa (avoid bending your neck).

  7. Read on a desk or table, hands-free, in portrait or landscape mode.

  8. Use for video calls (FaceTime or Skype).

  9. Use for selfies or regular photos.

  10. Use as professional copy stand.

  11. Use for close up photography.

  12. Use as portable video stand

  13. Use to display recipes in kitchen.

  14. Use as standup desk or speaking lectern.

  15. Made with rugged, 1/4” clear Plexiglass, hand flame polished, with an aluminum frame.

Please note: When you read on your left side, the left edge of your unit needs to tilt to the left. When you read on your right side, the right edge of your unit needs to tilt to your right. For this reason your holder has to rotate. Rotation also enables reading sitting up, in either landscape or portrait mode, see photos above.


Call with Questions, or to order by phone: 978-927-9234. We accept Visa and Master Card.

Price: $95.00 each, with Free shipping anywhere in the USA. Tell us which device you have.

30 Day Unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee.

We have a separate model for the iPhone (see below) and iPad mini.

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