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What Does Our Standard Two Weak Teaching Cycle ($50) Include?

Please note the length of each live lesson, and the frequency of the lessons can be changed by mutual consent.

We start off the first session with a brief evaluation of your reading. This usually takes about three to five minutes. Often this session is recorded, so you have a base line, which you can refer to.

Then we talk to you about your reading, and what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong. We explain the bad habits that you are exhibiting.

Then we go to work improving and fixing up the bad habits that you have demonstrated.

Next, we go into the live one-on-one lesson for the day. This lesson is determined by what you need to learn first in order to advance at the greatest pace. All our standard lessons are 40 minutes long.

At the end of the lesson we will outline for you what your homework is for the rest of the two week period. This will include reading great literature each day for about half an hour, using a PR Video Book. This will be in the form of a URL link that you just click on to play back. The reading tool you will use will be fully described to you, and you will be trained on how to use it.

Second, you may also get a Review Video of the Live Class Lesson that just took place. This will be in the form of a URL link that you just click on to play back.

Third, you will be given the URL of a Recorded Lesson to watch and learn when you are ready during this 14 day period. This is a second lesson, but it is a recorded lesson, not live.

In addition, you will have an opportunity before our first lesson starts to watch a video on how to watch a Review Video of your session, how to watch a Recorded Video Lesson, and how to watch a recorded PR Video Book.

The Url of the Recorded Video Lesson given you at the end of the first lesson will be about using our structured phonetic program and our Reading Tool.

So, here is what you will do each day for the first two weeks after the first lesson: you will practice reading great literature each day, using and employing the improved techniques that you have learned from your instructor as you watch the assigned PR Book Video.

In addition, you will practice the sounds of the alphabet if necessary. You will do this each day, as needed. You will also use the Reading Tool to properly decode any words that you get stuck on.

Please note the PR Reading Videos are specially formatted to allow you to change formatting and reading speed as you progress. They also act as an instant tutor to enable you to hear the text read correctly instantly, whenever you get stuck. They act very much as a live tutor by your side, correcting mistakes and removing anxiety and improving comprehension and enjoyment. You can watch these PR Book Videos on any platform.

As you progress in this course, and as the two week two lesson increments proceed, one after the other, we will move away from structured phonetic instruction, to working on building your vocabulary; of course this is in addition to progressing with the regular sequence of lessons.

Adjustments To The Teaching Schedule

While the normal length of a live class or lesson is 40 minutes, this time can be expanded to an hour or more, if the student desires. The fixed rate of class lecture time is $25 for each 20 minutes of one-on-one, live instruction.

Secondly, the number of such one-on-one sessions per week can be adjusted upwards if desired.

The Real Reason Some People Procrastinate In Signing Up

Many people have repeatedly failed at improving their reading for many years. Every effort they have made in the past to improve has failed. They are pretty sure they are going to fail again, and so they are not sincere about giving any new program a fair chance.

In addition, some people are so accustomed to failure and so used to failure, that they do not want to improve. They secretly would rather continue to fail, rather than start to succeed. Failure is what they know and feel comfortable with.

Resolution of Conundrum

This fear of repeated failure completely blocks the obvious fact that anybody who learns to read will make hundreds of times over the cost of the lessons by increased job income.

The program outlined above is by far the best deal in the country, bar none. The prices are rock-bottom, and you can start off and try out our first two week training segment to verify whether this course is right for you. You can do this at very little cost; this is about the cost of a permanent, ball game, or movie outing.

To solve this conundrum, the student must be willing to look at the cost-benefit ratio of the proposed action, and the actual cash amount risked for the initial transaction and evaluation.

The simple fact is that anybody can come up with $50 for two weeks of instruction. Here is how. To begin with you save up if necessary. Alternatively, you borrow the money, or put it on a credit card, or you cut out some wasteful spending that you are currently engaged in. Here is how to do the last action.

Most people can easily finance our course by temporarily giving up cigarettes, beer and alcohol, lottery tickets, movie theaters and movie rentals, compulsive shopping, meaningless travel, frequent eating out, and/or eating junk food. This way you will also have the health and time to benefit from the fruits of your investment. Kill two or more birds with one stone, and thereby cut your cost proportionately.

Secondly, you do our course from your home. There is no telephone charge, no transportation cost, no subway or bus travel, no gas or oil charge, and no parking fees. There is also no baby sitting charge. These costs alone often mount up to as much as the weekly cost of our course.

Benefits Of Improved Reading

Improving your reading has the highest return on investment of almost anything you can ever do. Learning to read well is like learning a music instrument, or a new sport, or to drive, or to dance, except you also make a lot more money over time by a better paying job. You will also become a lot happier (which is priceless).

The most important thing is to get started and see yourself improving, right in the first lesson.

Take Action and Start

We can send you a PayPal Request for a $50 payment, or you can give us your credit card number over the phone. We take Visa, Master Card, American Express and Bank Transfers. Alternatively, you can click on the following site and directly order one or more Two Week Segments from PayPal:


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