Improving Your Writing

By Improving Your Reading


Without question the best and quickest way to improve your writing is to improve your reading. This article will tell you why.

When you read properly, you are concentrating on the meaning of each punctuation interval (all the words to the first comma, or other punctuation mark) and the relationship of successive punctuation intervals to each other within the sentence.

You are thinking about the meaning of thought segments each in turn, and to one another. This meaning takes many forms: questions being answered, audio and visual memories being created, and music being produced.

As you become aware of this larger structure and familiar with it, your writing will reflect your new understanding and capabilities.

From this point it quickly follows how sentences relate to each other in a paragraph, and how paragraphs relate to each other in a sub-title, and how sub-titles relate to the chapter, and how chapters relate to each other in a book.

Furthermore, you can not write about what you do not know. The more you are able to discuss the concepts listed above, the more you will have something accurate and interesting to say about what you have read.

For all these reasons, your writing will reflect your progress in reading.