PC Setup


You need a text reader installed on you PC to read with voice assistance.

You do not want a text reader that reads word by word. This will not work for the kind of reading we want to do.

Instead, you want a text reader that lets you select a chunk of text and then reads that whole selection out loud, until it is read, or you pause the reading.

We suggest you use the program Ultra Hal. If you do not have it already installed, you can download the basic program for free, or purchase it with two excellent voices for about $29.00.

Note. Reading on a PC with voice assistance is doable, but it is nowhere near as fast or as flexible as reading on a Mac desktop or laptop, or iOS device. In particular, there is no semi-automatic way to advance selected text one paragraph at a time, using the forward arrow key. Instead, you select a whole chunk of text at a time and pause as often as necessary.

For this reason, the main focus of this manual is on Mac and iOS devices. However, the PC will work OK, just not as well.


Assuming you are using Ultra Hal, once set up, go to the Options and check the box that says you want to play what is in the clipboard.