PC Tips


To Read with Voice Assistance from 150 to 500 Words Per Minute

For Reading with voice assistance from 150-500 words per minute, select text and have  it read out loud, using your text reader. We suggest using Ultra Hal.

Here is exactly what to do with Ultra Hal. Select and copy text from the Internet, or any other document, and paste it into the Ultra Hal window.

Open the text window as large as it will go.

Make sure to set the font size of the article to 30-36.

Make sure the Options choice of playing what is in the clipboard is checked. Otherwise, the text will play word by word and you do not want this.

To Play the selected text, press the control key and then the c key.

Set the speed to whatever you want, but we suggest 3 or 4 to start.

The best way to move down a page as you select new text is to use the down arrow key. Press the down arrow key repeatedly, rather than holding it down. You will only need to press it about 10 times and then see where you are with the text. Now click on the mouse and select as much text on the current page as you wish.

If you select too much text and the highlighted section starts to go off the top of the page, click once or twice on the top arrow on the scroll bar, not the up arrow. Using the up arrow on the scroll bar is much faster.

To Read Text Very Fast Without Voice Assistance

To learn to read 500 to 1,000 words per minute, do not use voice assistance, as you are already going faster than the voice can go.

Here is exactly what to do. Select and copy text from the Internet or any other document and paste it into the Ultra Hal window, or Word. Make sure the text window is fully open. Now select all the text and change the font size to 36.

Step back a little from the screen. This will allow your macular vision to see most of the width of the page with just one fixation. Now move the text by screen by pressing the page down key. Ultra Hal is very good about not cutting off text when you move a page down at a time. You will be able to go much faster. With practice you can easily get to 1,000 words per minute.

Be sure to read all the General Tips about how to read with PR. Also, be sure you do the free online Reading Course. Finally, read and apply the principles in the Advance Reading Section.