Using Dropbox


Dropbox is a free program that lets you transfer almost any file between your PC and Mac and iOS devices, including laptops and desktop computers. Just download the free program on each of your devices. Dropbox is a cloud based program that stores your files “upstairs” and distributes them to each of your machines.

Dropbox lets you format your files on either a Mac or a PC and then use them wherever you want, i.e. on an iPhone or iPad.

Dropbox also lets you read files without any connection to the Internet or WiFi.

You can also access your Dropbox account on the Web at This is where you can download Dropbox to your Mac, Linux, or PC computer. To access your account on the Web from anywhere, just go to the Dropbox site and type in your name and password.

On your iPhone or iPad, you download Dropbox as as app from the App store.

Dropbox does five essential things.

  1. 1.Dropbox makes it easy to paginate text on any computer you have, and save these files as HTML documents.

  2. 2.Dropbox makes it easy to transfer HTML files to wherever you want.

  3. 3.Dropbox files can be read offline, by just marking them as favorites.

  4. 4.Dropbox allows you to start voice from wherever you wish on HTML files; you do not have to start at the beginning each time you turn VoiceOver (VO) on. This is a big advantage for long chapters in textbooks. Another way of saying this is that you can pick up with VO just where you left off.

  5. 5.Folders containing all the separate chapter files of books can be quickly sent to you.

Using Dropbox with Your iPhone or iPad

When using Dropbox on an iOS device, go to where you want to be before you turn VoiceOver on. If you are using an iPhone, before you turn on VoiceOver, tap the screen once with one finger, if necessary, to make sure the toolbar is showing on the screen. Having this toolbar visible is what enables you to start  VoiceOver anywhere. Once VoiceOver comes on, tap the section on the screen where you want to start listening. Then tap the screen twice with one finger, to make the toolbar go away.

Always read in horizontal mode. The text is much larger.

More Time For Study Using Dropbox (and Earphones)

Being able to  read your textbook chapters anywhere you are, without having to have an Internet or WiFi connection will give you about two hours more study time each day.

Here are some of the opportunities you now have for study:

  1. 1.Subway, bus, and train time

  2. 2.Passenger time in car

  3. 3.Waiting in line at P.O., supermarket, or doctor’s office; or for events to start

  4. 4.Relaxation time that you would otherwise waste watching TV

  5. 5.Time walking outside, or sitting in park

  6. 6.Recovery time after a workout

  7. 7.Time in bed when you can’t sleep

To Download Articles for Offline Reading (Marking as Favorites)

Just save an article in Dropbox as a favorite (click on the star) and it will be saved for offline reading. You don’t even need to have WiFi to read these articles. You need to do this while you are still connected directly to the Internet, or through WiFi.