iOS Controls For VoiceOver


(Both Screen Movements (First) And Keyboard Strokes)

(Keyboard Strokes Are Much Easier And Faster)

General Note: Open Internet articles up in Safaris and click on the parallel lines in the URL bar to remove adds, clean up the text, and give you the option of background colors and larger letters.

To Start or Stop VoiceOver On An iOS Device:

1. Press the Home button three times.

Then touch where you want to start reading.

2. Hold Home button and tell Siri “Turn On VoiceOver” or “Turn VoiceOver On”. Then press the home button.

3. Say “Hey Siri” and the same thing.

To Manually Select the Next Paragraph of Text, or the Previous Paragraph:

1. Touch desired paragraph on screen with finger.

2. Flick 3 fingers up or down to see next or previous screen.

3.  For Keyboard, have Quick Nav on.

Press Right Arrow or Left Arrow on your keyboard.

4. Or press “page down” key on Magic Keyboard, and then Right Arrow. This turns the page before continuing.

To Immediately Repeat a Section of Text:

  1. 1.Touch the section of text with your finger.

  2. 2.Press Back Arrow then Forward Arrow.

  3. 3.Press Control+Option+Z.

Scrolling Right and Left:

Some articles advance right and left like Flipboard, Kindle books, and News articles.

  1. 1.For these articles you place three fingers on the screen and flip left or right.

  2. 2.On a keyboard you press Option and right or left arrow.

Scrolling Up and Down:

Other articles, like Internet articles, scroll up and down.

  1. 1.For these articles you place three fingers on the screen and flip up or down.

  2. 2.On a keyboard you press either Option and up or down arrow to go a screen up or down.

  3. 3.or you press page down or up and the forward or back arrow.

To Start Reading Automatically (All Text) from Current Position:

1. Start sound and then touch screen with 2 fingers, then draw down about 2 inches, no flicking.

2. Or Press Control-Option-A on your keyboard.

To Pause Reading:

   1. Tap screen once with two fingers. Tap again to resume.

    2. Or let reading run out of paragraph (if in manual operation).

    3. Or press control on keyboard. Press control again to continue.

To Stop Automatic Reading:

    Touch any paragraph once with two fingers. You can then optionally press control again to continue.


To Read Selection of Text Word by Word:

    Make sure rotor has been turned to words. You only need to do this once. Press the down arrow once and the first word in the phrase or punctuation interval will be read out loud. Each time you press the down arrow again, the next word in the text will be read out loud, until you get to the end of the selected text. You can go as fast or slow as you want.

To Repeat a Single Word Over and Over:

    Move from pressing the down arrow to pressing the up arrow, and then the down arrow, and then the up arrow, as often as you want. Press the down arrow again to move forward one word in the selection.

To See Rest of Next Paragraph and Have It Read Out Loud (if you can not see it):

    1. Press the “control” key to pause the sound; then press the “page down” key and find the last word at the top of the page; then press the “control” key again to resume sound. Use of the Control key is optional.

To Select an item with VO on:

    1. Tap an item three times.

    2. Or, press Control-Option-SpaceBar.

To Get voice to come back on from Mute:

  1. 1.Tap screen with three fingers two times.

  2. 2.Hit mute key on keyboard.

3. Or press Control-Option-S.

To turn music on or off, if it comes on:

    Press music control on top of keyboard (F8)

To Go to Bottom of Article:

    Press Control and down arrow on keyboard.

    Note: This function does not work on all articles.

To Go to top of article:

    1. Touch top of screen.

    2. Press Control and up arrow on keyboard.


To Increase/Reduce contrast:

    Press F2 or F1 key on keyboard.   

To Change VO Speed (Two Separate Approaches):

    1. In VO rotate two fingers on screen until “speaking rate” is selected; Then flick up or down quickly with one finger.

    2. On Keyboard, press Control+Option+Command and right arrow until “speaking rate” is selected; then press up or down arrow as you read.


To Look Up Word(s) Easily (to go to where you left off):

1. Use the find icon in the share box before turning on VO. Be sure to close the find window before starting VO.

To Read Articles Offline:

  1. 1.Previously create or download and save articles in HTML.

  2. 2.Then put them in Dropbox or mail them as e-mail attachments. Click on article to read off-line totally or to read on WiFi.

To Get Screen Curtain to lift:

    Tap screen with three fingers three times.

    Or Press Control-Option-Shift-S.

Updated by Proportional Reading, 2019