VoiceOver Setup for iOS Devices

Note: Use the Apple Bluetooth Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad. This has the “Page Down” Key.

  1. 1.Download iOS 11 or higher If Necessary.

  1. 2.Go to Settings>Apple Id>iCloud>

                                                        iCloud Backup>On

                                                        iCloud Drive>On


3. Go to Settings>



                                            >Magic Keyboard>Connected

                            Siri>Press Home for Siri>On

                                              Allow “Hey Siri”>On

                            Display and Brightness>Auto-Lock>5 Minutes

                            Sounds>Keyboard Clicks>Off 

4. Go to Settings>General>Accessibility>

                                                Speech> Speak Selection>On

                                                Keyboard>Key Repeat>Off

                                                Home Button>Slowest

                                                Siri>Hands-Free Only

                                                Accessibility Shortcut>VoiceOver           .

5. Go to Settings>General>Accessibility> VoiceOver>

                            Verbosity>Speak Hints>Off



                            Audio>Mute Sound Effects>On

                                        Audio Ducking>On

                            Rotor>(select only) Words, Speaking Rate

                            Phonetic Feedback>Off

                            Modifier Keys>control+option

Turn Quick Nav On:

On your keyboard press the left and right arrows simultaneously, with VO on. You will hear a voice say “Quick Nav on” or “Quick Nav off”. Make sure you turn Quick Nav on.


Download This Free Software

  1. 1.The latest iOS Operating System, currently 11. Download this iOS if necessary.

  2. 2.Dropbox. Download this on your PC, Mac desktop or laptop, iPad, iPhone, iPad mini, and iPod Touch.

  3. 3.Pocket

Note: On an iOS devise, download Dropbox and Pocket from the App Store. They are all free.

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