Two Hour Course to Improve Your Reading Speed and Comprehension

(short overview)

  1. One-on-One Home Instruction, or small group instruction at schools and colleges, over the phone (or Skype) as both parties look at course material on the Internet, anywhere in the world.

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  4. One hour of instruction, followed by independent practice; then another hour of instruction followed by independent practice.

  5. Instruction can be tailored to your specific needs and situation. Some people want to do this course in two  separate 1-hour sessions of instruction, with each 1-hour session of instruction separated by a week of independent practice. Others want to do all the instruction (two hours) at once.

  6. No software purchase required; all training materials are on our web site, including over 50 short movies.

  7. Immediate application to your current reading. You will improve.

  8. Continue to improve after the course, as you read books and papers with high-speed voice and text. We show you how to do this during our course.

  9. Reasonable cost for the two hour course. Extra one-on-one instruction available at the same hourly rate.

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  12. Check out our Detailed Description of each of the four parts of our one-on-one and small group instruction.

  13. Call us at 1-978-927-9234 or E-mail us at to get started.

  14. Many people do our course on their own, for free, without our personal instruction; visit our Home page. Each person is different.

  15. Go To Our Free Training Manual on how to set up your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac (laptop or desktop), or PC to  read text with adjustable-speed, computer-voice and text. This manual is ideal for self-instruction. Learn More.


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