Introduction To Improving Student Reading (Age 12-90):

Presentation To Administrators, Principles, Teachers, Parents, And All Other Adults

Of The Proportional Reading Program

(Parts 4-5)


Part One (to end): The Demo - Key Aspects of This Program.

Part Two (to end): What Is Taught At Each Cognitive Interval.

Part Three (to end): Who Are The Students Who Can Use The Advanced Settings Of Proportional Reading Immediately?

Part Four (to end): Using This Reading Program to Improve Student Mental Health.

Part Five (to end): Assistive Book and Text Holders.

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Part Four:

Using Proportional Reading Instruction on a School and Community Level to Stop the Gradual Slide Into Mental Illness and Escalating Poor Personal Choices

1. This program interrupts the downward cycle of frustration, anxiety, negative suggestion, boxed emotions, avoidance, guilt, shame, defensiveness, paranoia, denial, closed mindedness, inability to admit one is wrong (with withdrawal instead of growth), inability to grieve or commit, self-limited options, poor choices, then increasing levels of at-risk behaviors (including eating disorders), addictive behaviors, depression, radicalism, schizophrenia, depersonalization, and antisocial personality disorder (sociopathic and psychopathic behavior).

Specifically,  the Proportional Reading technique for reading silently just ahead of computer voice produces such focus and concentration that negative evaluations and projections, anxiety, guilt, shame, and other “Voices” can not make themselves heard. In addition, this new algorithm corrects decoding and recognition mistakes as fast as one reads. Thirdly, this approach enables increased speed so one can get beyond reading out loud and subvocalization.

Make no mistake about this, there is something new here. Each one of these three empowerments individually counters obstacles to mental health, but there is even more good news when these three empowerments work together.

2. The result is that this program opens up the mind to hearing an inner voice, hearing your real self, and hearing a discussion between the inner voice and the real self. These capabilities provide a positive alternative to obsessive control and personal decline into severe antisocial behavior. This is nothing less than the rebirth of the conscience.

Reading great literature with enlightened technique is the key to receiving personal insight and a guiding force on your most personal issues. With practice one comes to realize that the ability to grieve, or just feel pain, is often followed by the Real Self providing insight about how to move forward. This is the promise of pain and sorrow.

Using the the techniques of Proportional Reading, one can easily learn how to bring forth the Real Self when reading great literature; then one can use this learned skill as a transferrable skill that you can use independently of literature, whenever you are willing to experience your deep feelings of pain and sorrow. This is all on top of rebuilding self-esteem and the ability to get better grades.

3. Almost everybody already owns, or has access to, the necessary hardware. The necessary hardware has the updated operational software on it for free. Also, a full curriculum and formatted library for developing transferrable skills is already available for free. Implementation costs are minimal.

4. This program is done entirely within the purview of Reading Instruction. No psychiatrists are involved, and this program in no way requires separate permission as a psychological/psychiatric study. This is ideal because the psychological model is both late to help, being remedial and after-the-fact in nature, and it is completely unaffordable on a widespread basis. Furthermore, it often takes a long time to work individually, if at all.

5. Proportional Reading helps people both proactively and prophylactically before they develop frustration, negative self-evaluation, and avoidance to never have these issues. It also shows them how to counter the presence of negative voices if they do have them. Thirdly, it helps people remedially, who do have these negative voices, learn how to get rid of them and hear an inner voice and hear their real self again, at any point in their life. All this is done through implementing a specific way of reading.

6. No one is saying here that genetic factors, illness, environmental chemical exposure, and certain narcotics do not in themselves often cause mental illness. What is true, however, is that stress is often the last feather to bring on onset of these symptoms. This stress often begins with failure to read well. To this extent Proportional Reading can often act to delay, or offset, or remediate these symptoms in people, with training, assistive technology, and transferrable skills.

7. These mental health benefits occur automatically and within the program of improving a person’s reading. The cost/benefit ratio to society for implementing this mental health program is therefore phenomenal, as the benefits are extremely high and the costs as a mental program are essentially nothing. The reading program desperately needs to be done immediately and anyway.

  1. 8.Testing out and verifying these ideas is quick, easy, and inexpensive. Using Proportional Reading in K-12 schools, colleges, literacy centers, libraries, and community programs is the the best approach for rapid, cost effective, deployment.

Part Five:

Assistive Book and Text Holders

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Extra Copies of This Whole Introduction:

Part One (to end): The Demo - Key Aspects of This Program.

Part Two (to end): What Is Taught At Each Cognitive Interval.

Part Three (to end): Who Are The Students Who Can Use The Advanced Settings Of Proportional Reading Immediately?

Part Four (to end): Using This Reading Program to Also Improve Student Mental Health.

Part Five (to end): Assistive Book and Text Holders.

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