Links To Recorded Lesson Videos

And Recorded Book Videos

From Proportional Reading (PR)

(See List Below)


Just Click And Play These Recorded Lesson Videos And Book Videos.

All You Need Is The Internet Or WiFi.

(Alternatively, Join a Live Class Video Conference.)

Directions For Operation: (click for file to print)

  1. 1.To see and access the video controls, move your mouse onto, or touch the bottom of the video window.

  2. 2.Click on the Zoom icon in the lower right corner to expand the window.

  3. 3.Click on the Gear icon (just to the left of the Zoom icon) to adjust voice speed up or down.

  4. 4.Press the space bar on your keyboard to pause/continue sound.

  5. 5.Each time you press the left arrow key the presentation rewinds 5 seconds.

  6. 6.The PR book recordings are specially formatted to give you ample time to pause the sound each time a new section of text fully appears on the screen.

  7. 7.The PR book recordings are also specially formatted to enable you to pause at each comma, if you want, without loosing the sound of the next word or two when you continue the voice.

  8. 8.Pages turn automatically as long as you are in “Play” mode.

  9. 9.If you are reading the text out loud before hearing it spoken, as soon as the page turns (and not before), optionally press the space bar to stop the sound; this will give you a chance to see and read the text before continuing the sound.

  10. 10.When a book or other long text is presented on the screen, periods and semicolons in a paragraph are followed by extra space. This is done to keep the reader from being overwhelmed by too much text at a time and to provide necessary pause time after a sentence, etc. is read, before the next one starts to be read; and also to allow the reader to pause and think.

  11. 11. When you are finished a session of reading, note the elapsed time on a separate piece of paper. Then when you are ready to continue, click on the time slider until you are very close to your setting; then make fine adjustments to the time setting by pressing the forward and/or back arrow keys.

  12. 12. Because these videos open in a new tab, there is nothing for the back arrow to go to when you want to go somewhere else. So, to close the window, shrink the window if enlarged, and then click on the close circle; click x on the tab; click on a favorite; click on the double boxes and another window; retitle the current URL; or pick another bookmark.

  13. 13. Videos shrink in size when played back. For this reason they are best looked at with at least an iPad or tablet, or a laptop or desktop.

  14. 14. If you are looking at these videos on a phone, you may need to pay them (mirror them) onto a larger monitor or TV, using an HDMI cable or Apple TV. etc. You can also use a hand magnifier the size of the phone screen

  15. 15.The method of reading the PR Book Videos is as follows:

  16. a.Start by reading out loud ahead of the computer voice; start by reading a phrase at a time, then a Punctuation Interval at a time, then a sentence at a time, and then a paragraph at a time; call for voice assist at any point.

  17. b.Re-read a second time, going faster; then choose a faster speed.

  18. c.Advance to reading silently with the Computer voice. Move up in speed only as you improve and are ready to go faster.

  19. d.Advance to reading silently ahead of the computer voice, pausing at the punctuation marks to think about what you have read and to let the sound catch up. Move up in speed only as you improve and are ready to go faster.

  20. e.Note On Speed: Speed 1 is normal speaking speed (160 WPM); this is grade level reading speed. Speed 1.5 is just above subvocalization (225 WPM). Speed 2 is College Level reading speed (325-350 WPM). You can also go slower than normal speaking voice, Speed 1, if necessary.

  21. f.Study the 14 Class Lessons (recorded or live) to learn how to master each of the above steps a-d.

  22. g.Book a private, 1on1 training session with our instructor for 20 minutes, as necessary.

Note on Using Apple Keyboard: On Apple devices, you can also control the movement of the video by the music pause/start key at the top of the keyboard. Using this key (instead of the space bar) will keep the white pause and play signs from repeatedly appearing in the text. Also, on iOS devices the video needs be operated using the music keys.

  1. 1.What are the Main Parts of This Reading Program?

1a. Click here.

  1. 2.What is a Class Conference Done with Proportional Reading?

2a. Click here.

2b. How is a Class Conference Different?

3. Download the Free Conference Call App.

Note: Audio Files (AF) and Text Files are on the Free Demo page. The Reading Tool and Phonetics course can also be accessed from the top this page.

3a. Click here to download Free Conference Call app.

Note: one place is for iPhone (Apple Store), one place is for Android and Samsung phones (Google Play Store),

and one place at bottom of page is for desktops.

3b. Click here for spoken directions and video on how to set up the Free Conference Call app.

3c. Click here for how to Join a Meeting and operate your meeting Controls.

3d. Click on the following URL to join a PR Live conference without downloading and opening the Free Conference Call app first:

This is ideal if your school will not let you download any apps. Just bookmark this URL.

4. Introduction for Teachers/Coach on How to Setup Classroom and Start Program

4a. Intro to How Class will Function and Run: Intro Part 1

4b. Intro to How Class will Function and Run: Intro Part 2

4c. Intro to How Class will Function and Run: Intro Part 3

4d. Intro to How Class will Function and Run: Intro Part 4

5. Bad Habit Lectures for Students

5a. Case Study with help for Dyslexia. Click here. Start at 9:12.

6. Structured Phonetic Classes for Students

6a. Letter Drill

6b. List of letters & sounds:

7. Main Lectures (14) for Students

Here is a Description of our Vocabulary of Lectures (from 7A-7Z) on how to improve your reading.

7a. Improving Your Physical Environment For Better Reading:

        How To Keep From Falling Asleep When Reading:

        Proper Reading Posture:

        Six Other Physical Factors: Font Size, Glasses, Etc.

7b. How To Watch Our Video Lectures

7c. How To Read Our Video Books

7d. The Origins Of Reading And TheThe Basic Structure Of Written Material: Music and Q&A

7e. Reading Out Loud Before Hearing Text Spoken; Reading By Phrase

7f. Gaps in Your Structured Phonetic Tool Kit and How to Fix Them

        Intro to Reading Tool:

        Full List Of Letters and Letter Sounds (10.5 min):

        Various Ways To Practice With The Sound File:

7g. Six Bad Habits and How to Fix Them

7h. Reading By Punctuation Interval, Improving Your Fluency

7i. Thinking About the Main Question and Answer in Each Punctuation Interval

7j. Using Your Auditory Memory

7k. Visualizing Text: Making Pictures and Movies

7l. Relating Punctuation Intervals in a Sentence; List of Basic Relationships

7m. Reading Silently with Sound

7n. Overcoming Subvocalization: Experiencing This

7o. Applying This Principle to Reading: Reading Silently Ahead of Sound

7p. Increasing Speed as You Read Ahead of Sound:

    Basic Strategy

    Practice Reading with Wide Fixation and Peripheral


    Using Sound Pacing to Learn Proper Eye Movement

        for College Level Reading

7q. Relating Sentences in a Paragraph

7r. Building a Vocabulary as You Read

7s. Building a Vocabulary From Roots, Using Vocabulary Builder

7t. Learning How to Answer Multiple Choice Questions.

7u. Improving Your Writing:

    With Better Reading

    Audio Editing

    Spell Checking

    Using a Voice Recorder

7v. Relating Paragraphs with a Mind Map.

7w. Using an Outline, Reviewing, Looking at Graphics

7x. Learning VoiceOver

7y. Learning How to Dictate

7z. Learning How To Format Text

8. Vocabulary Classes for Students

  1. 9.Books For Practice

Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp (Special Format: by Phrase) part 1:

Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp (Special Format: by Phrase) part 2:

Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp (Regular Format) part 1:

(Regular Format) part 2:

The Outcasts of Poker Flat (all)

Aesop’s Fables

part 1:

part 2:

part 3:

part 4:

part 5:

part 6:

part 7:

part 8:

part 9:

part 10:

part 11:

part 12:

Alice In Wonderland

part 1:

part 2:

Abraham Lincoln

Gettysburg Address: