Homework Assignment


Here is a 2-part Homework Assignment for students to help them Read Course Textbooks, Novels, and Other Assigned Reading.

The two parts  of this homework assignment can be done on any computer connected to the Internet. 


Student Assignment:

Reading Course Textbooks and Other Assigned Reading

  1. 1.Part One: Read printed introduction below, and answer questions.

2.Part Two: Do this assignment on any Internet connected computer, and fill out form.

You can do this whole assignment in 2-3 weeks or less. 


Part 1: Introduction: Help with Reading


There is a lot of reading to do in our program. A number of students have asked for help in getting all their reading done.


Many students who are already good or excellent students feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of reading that they are expected to do. They have asked for assistance in reading their textbooks.


Other students, who are very bright, work hard, and exhibit strong motivation are not getting the grades commensurate with their effort and ability. This is because they are not great readers. They, too, believe that they could excel at their studies if they could just get though their reading, reading faster with better comprehension.

Question to Answer. What if anything would you like to improve about your reading of Course Textbooks and other assigned reading? Take out a blank page and write one paragraph, or so, about what if anything you would like to improve in your reading. Do this now before you proceed further with this assignment.

Now Continue on with This Introduction.

Furthermore, there is a wide variety of specific talents in each and every group of our students, and it has been shown separately that these individual talents can be harnessed to quickly improve each individual’s reading speed and comprehension and reading enjoyment.


What students have asked for was a reading program based in Diversity that would build on each person’s diversity and use that diversity as the strength to improve their individual reading.


We have a state of the art reading lab dedicated to helping you get your reading done in less time and with much more comprehension and enjoyment. It is based on using your strengths to improve your reading. You set the controls for your specific learning style.


Any course book in ASCII text can be read with this program.


So many students have experienced and stated and demonstrated rapid improvement in their reading with this program, that I (your professor) feel it is reasonable for you all to take an introductory look at the program and see if it will help you with this Course, or for that matter any of your other reading. Quite frankly, many students using this program have started to read the textbooks for the first time and these students have actually begun to enjoy the process, as well as the results.


Which of the following 15 items are goals of yours? In the blank line beneath each of the items below type or write the number of X’s between one and five that indicate your goal for this item. 1 X means I am comfortable with this the way I am right now. 5 X’s means I want to make a lot of improvement in this area.


  1. 1.Improve my reading speed

  2. 2.Improve my reading comprehension.

  3. 3.Improve my reading enjoyment.

  4. 4.Learn to read faster and better when not using the computer program.

  5. 5.Think in larger thoughts as I read.

  6. 6.Improve my ability to pronounce individual words.

  7. 7.Improve my ability to speak English fluently.

  8. 8.Improve my ability to sound like native speakers.

  9. 9.Start to read what is actually written, rather than projecting what I think is being asked or said.

  10. 10.Learn to read with much greater focus and for much longer periods of concentration.

  11. 11.Improve my ability to listen to lectures, to the point where I do not need to take notes or tape record lectures for later processing. In other words, improve my ability to think quickly in English.

  12. 12.Learn a much faster way to take notes and build vocabulary.

  13. 13.Learn how to improve my writing with audio editing.

  14. 14.Learn how to review material quickly and effectively.

  15. 15. Discover a way to help other members of my family and community, as well as other students


Now that you have read this introduction and answered questions, here is Parts 2 of the assignment.


Part 2: On any Internet connected computer go to www.helpmyreading.com/Site/Client_Instruction.html

Read all the introductory text and then:

Go to Step 1 and in the space below, right here, list type or write the numbers of the 18 bad Reading Habits that apply to you. Use the glossary to get the definition of any words you don’t know. Also, type or write down the number(s) of any reading groups that apply to you.

Go to Step 2 and read the short notes posted there.

Go to Step 3 and review the 23 Basic Comprehension Skills. In the space below, right here, indicate the numbers of the Basic Comprehension Skills you want to work on.

Go to Step 4 and review the basics of not falling asleep while reading. In the space below, right here, indicate whether Step 4 was helpful or not, and why.

Go to Step 5 and review good reading posture. Right here indicate whether Step 5 was helpful or not, and why.

If you truly believe you hear an inner voice when you read, you can skip Steps 6 and 7. Otherwise, watch these short movies. Right here, indicate whether or not you did Steps 6 and 7, and if you did them, please also state whether you found them helpful or not, and why. Note: it is not necessary to watch the fastest movies of Step 7, just get the idea of hearing an inner voice. You can always come back and practice these movies later, if you wish.

Go to Step 8 and watch at least the first 5 movies, reading the associated text. Watch more of these short movies if you want, now or anytime. Right here, indicate whether Step 8 was helpful or not, and why. Note: If Step 8 does not improve your reading, go back and do Steps 6 and 7 and then try Step 8 again.

Go to Step 9 and read about the controls you are in charge of as you read with this reading program. Watch both movies and read the text if necessary. Then watch the two Sections of Moby Dick. In the space below, indicate whether or not you were able to Read Moby Dick at the faster pace.

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