Ice Cream Problem:




1. Conventional Approach:

Adding up the mixing times for the eggs, sugar and fluids in minutes gives 2 + 1 + 1/3 = 3 1/3 minutes for one batch of mix. Since 3 batches of mix were desired, the total time would be 3 times the time to make one batch, or 3 X 3 1/3 = 10 minutes.

2. Creative Approach By Ice Cream Lover:

The eggs for all three batches (6 eggs) can be put in the mixing bowl and mixed simultaneously, saving 4 minutes. All the sugar can be added at the same time and mixed in the same bowl at the same time, saving 2 minutes. All the milk and all the cream can be added at the same time and mixed in the same bowl, saving 2/3 of one minute. With this approach a total of 6 and 2/3 minutes can be saved, with the three batches made in the same time as one batch, 3 1/3 minutes.


In actual practice, the ice cream lover runs two ice cream makers ($70 each from Amazon) simultaneously and uses the three mixes to just fill the two ice cream makers. He can make a gallon of ice cream (of one flavor) at a time, and do this at least three separate times a day, if necessary. These are electric ice cream makers that do not require any ice cubes or hand cranking, just refreezing the main container in a freezer. He bought a new deep freezer for $162.00 for this purpose, and to store his ice cream. He currently likes to have three flavors available at all times: vanilla, mocha and chocolate mint.

John F. Adams

Ice Cream Lover

“Thinking Outside The Bowl”

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