The Foley Catheter: Improve The Way You Wear Your Bag


While Recuperating At Home, Or In Your Apartment, Try Out These Special Ways To Pass The Time With A Good Book.

Adjustable Neck Strap (Lanyard) for Any iPhone or iPhone Case, or Any Other Smartphone or Smartphone Case.



Eye-Level Book Stand with Adjustable Height: 24”-40”, Adjustable Width, Adjustable Tilt, and Adjustable Distance From Eyes. Ideal for large books and Bibles.

Read iPad or Tablet in Any Chair, Bed, or Sofa with iPad/Tablet Floor Stand.

Learn How to Overcome Reading Challenges

Book Maid


Learn How to Overcome Reading Challenges

Raised, Rotating and Tilting

Device Holder

For All iPhone and iPad Models

(For Use With or Without a Case)

Easily Hold Your Large Screen


  1. Read sitting up in a chair or bed, lying down on your back, or resting on either side in bed.

  2. Rotates and tilts as needed, and clears obstacles.

  3. 360 degree rotation, with or without charging cable.

  4. Prevent damage from spilled fluids.

  5. Ideal for all crowded desks and tables, all adjustable bed tables, and all mattresses.

Cost: $39.00 each, with Free shipping anywhere in USA. We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express and PayPal.

Learn How to Overcome Reading Challenges

Learn How to Overcome Reading Challenges

Massage Tool

Relieve Aches and Pains

From Reading Books and Screens of Text

Make Your Recuperation Area Beautiful


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