New England Cream Tea


Here is the recipe and serving etiquette for New England Cream Tea

In a real tea cup place one scoop of vanilla ice cream.

On top of the ice cream place one lemon square, with the powder side facing out.

Eat the ice cream with a spoon; eat the lemon square with your fingers.

Enjoy any time of day.

Note: In contrast to other teas, New England Cream Tea has the following variations:

  1. 1.The concept of tea is provided by the tea cup.

  2. 2.The cream is provided by ice cream, rather than clouted cream (Devonshire Cream), or plain heavy cream.

  3. 3.The lemon is provided by the lemon square.

  4. 4.The base of the lemon square takes the place of scones.

Created and Published by

John Fleming Adams

Beverly, Massachusetts 01915, USA

February, 2013

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