Improve Reading Comprehension, Reading Speed and Reading enjoyment

Learning new skills

We suggest you watch each of the following movies in order. However, the movies for actually overcoming whispering, lip reading and subvocalization begin at “Section 11”. If you wish, you can start with them now and then watch the introductory movies 1-10 later.

If you are a teacher, therapist, or trainer, you may wish to present these movies in a slightly different order to focus on specific issues.

Setting Sound Volume Correctly. There are two sound volume controls, both of which have to be turned on. One of these is on the movie player, and should be turned up all the way. The other control is on your keyboard. Control the volume here. If this does not give you enough volume, make sure you have turned up the volume on your power speakers.

Also, turn off all unnecessary applications. This will make the videos run much more smoothly and will avoid skipped frames.

Here is the short list of key principles and skills we teach in this set of movies:

  1. Overcoming lip reading, whispering and sub-vocalizing

  2. Hearing an inner voice as you read

  3. Turning descriptive text into pictures and movies

  4. Reading by punctuation intervals and relating them to each other.

  5. Recognizing all words at short exposure

  6. Recognizing words 1-4 characters in length with your peripheral vision.

Notes: These movies, available right here, right now, replace the DVD that previously had to be mailed out. This saves everybody a tremendous amount of time and greatly increases access.

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