PR3 is a Formatting Standard for Reading Text Easily on an iPhone or iPad or Any Other Smartphone,

or a Laptop or Desktop


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This method of formatting text presents text a Punctuation Interval at a time.

A Punctuation  Interval is all the words from the beginning of a sentence to the first comma or semi-colon,

and then so on with additional punctuation intervals,

if any,

to the end of the sentence.

There are blank lines between sentences and between paragraphs,

and the first word of each new paragraph is indented.


the background of the text is shaded.

PR3 is designed for all average and good readers to use to immediately improve reading speed,

reading comprehension,

and reading enjoyment.

This format is optionally designed to be accompanied by interactive,


at adjustable speed.


students read silently,

just ahead of the sound,

pausing at the commas,

and semicolons,

and periods for the sound to catch up,

and to think about what was just read,

and to repeat the sound of the section if necessary,

before advancing.

Students quickly increase their reading speed,

as they increase their comprehension,

and learn transferrable skills.

PR3 is the third in a series of four progressive formatting standards,

that cumulatively allow almost every reader to improve reading instantly.

PR1 is text formatted a word at a time,

and requires either no horizontal eye movement to read,

or no horizontal or vertical eye movement to read.

PR1 was designed for readers challenged with Macular Degeneration,

Retinitis Pigmentosa,

Wandering Eye,

Severe Dyslexia,

Early Stage Recovery from Brain Trauma,

And Autism.

PR1 is also helpful in teaching readers for free how to overcome subvocalization.

Students and adults can read the text either manually or automatically,

with or without interactive,


PR2 is text formatted a phrase at a time.

This approach is primarily designed for beginning readers,

who are learning decoding,


and fluency.

Students in this group try to read each phrase out loud,

before hearing the sound.

If they hear that they made a mistake,

they echo the correct sound before leaving the phrase.

PR3, as stated above, is text formatted by punctuation interval.

PR4 is text formatted by sentence, with a blank line between sentences.

This progression of cognitive intervals,

from a word,

to a phrase,

to a punctuation interval,

to a sentence at a time,

all with the option of interactive,


is known as Proportional Reading,

and was developed by John F. Adams,

over more than 25 years working with many students and clients.

These formats are ideally introduced simultaneously with showing the reader how to correct the 18 Bad Reading Habits.

The name of this program is Proportional Reading and the web site is

The PR in PR3 stands for Proportional Reading.

To Learn More about this format and the different ways to assist with interactive,

computer-voice at adjustable speed,

please read the Introduction to Our Free Library of Great Classics, Formatted for Easy reading.