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(Self-Evaluation Form)


Write down or circle the numbers of the questions you want answered. Print out this list if you want.

  1. 1.I get easily distracted visually by other people moving about, and audibly by their noise. How can I immediately improve my focus and concentration when I read?

  2. 2.I get so worried I won't understand or ever finish my assigned reading. How can I immediately remove performance anxiety when I start to read?

  3. 3.I try to avoid reading whenever possible. How do I instantly get over this compulsion to avoid reading?

  4. 4.How can I make reading more enjoyable and desirable than playing games, watching movies, or shooting drugs?

  5. 5.How do I cut out the transportation and scheduling hassles of one-on-one tutoring?

  6. 6.How do I reduce the cost of one-on-one tutoring by 4/5?

  7. 7.How do I double my reading speed the second time through the material?

  8. 8.What is the instant way to preview, outline, and review a book as you read, and without doing any typing?

  9. 9.What is one instant way to double my current speed and comprehension, while still reading no faster than the speed of talking out loud?

  10. 10.How do I quickly read up to 500 words per minute with excellent comprehension and  enjoyment?

  11. 11.My attention span is very short, 15-20 minutes at the most. How do I read with focus and concentration for 2-3 hours at a time?

  12. 12. How do I improve my writing by improving my reading?

  13. 13. How do I start to think and speak in larger thought intervals?

  14. 14. How do I improve my listening, so I understand what is being said to me?

  15. 15. I read very slowly and make a lot of mistakes. I do not understand what I read, and reading is no fun. How do I quickly improve?

  16. 16. How do I see pictures and movies when I read descriptive text?

  17. 17. What is proper reading posture for maximum reading speed and comprehension?

  18. 18. What are the Eighteen Bad Reading Habits and how to avoid them?

  19. 19.How do I read to become an expert on world events; and how do I want to share this knowledge with others.

  20. 20. How do I keep from falling asleep when I read?

  21. 21. I have ADHD. How do I instantly improve my reading focus and concentration and comprehension?

  22. 22.How do I instantly overcome stuttering?

  23. 23.I am an ESL student. How do I improve my English speech so others will want to talk with me, or listen to me?

  24. 24.I am an average reader who needs to read a lot of texts. How do I quickly learn to read much faster?

  25. 25.How can I quickly read any book the way I need?

  26. 26. I get board in lectures. How do I speed up the lecture pace and stop whenever I want, and repeat each sentence as often as I want before proceeding?

  27. 27.How do I read text instantly at the speed that I think, and do so with perfect comprehension?

  28. 28.How do I instantly start to get insight from what I read, as I am reading?

  29. 29.How do I quickly double my reading time, after I have started to make it super fun?

  30. 30. Is there any way for me to experience the Joy of Reading?

  31. 31.I make many reversals as I read. I also frequently re-read the same few words over and over. How can I stop doing these things?

  32. 32.How do I format text so I can read it much more easily?

  33. 33.My eyes are extremely sensitive to glare. How do I compensate for this when reading?

  34. 34.I have low vision and constantly slow down because I am afraid of mis-reading what is on the screen. How do I instantly overcome this problem?

  35. 35.How do I choose to become a Lifetime Learner with empowerment?

by John F. Adams

Proportional Reading