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I can help you. I specialize in help with ACT Reading and Writing. Please see my detailed program description at the bottom.

Congratulations! With your Junior in HS you are leaving enough time to learn the ACT/SAT vocabulary. So many seniors realize too late that they have waited too long.

I tutor students all over the country with a form of OnLine, 1on1 tutoring right into homes, which is actually far superior to being present in person. Let me show you How and Why (for Free). I think you will be amazed.

Please write, or call me at 978-927-9234. Let’s have a Free chat about your needs. I want to make sure I give you the help you want and need. I can make this happen for you. Let’s start today or tomorrow.

I can help you read any textbook, novel, or Internet Article at grade level (speed and comprehension). Ask me to show you how.


Please ask me to give you a short, FREE DEMONSTRATION of my overall program of instruction. This is a thorough presentation (not a class) of the different steps and aspects of the program. I will talk to you over the phone while you look at my website on your computer at home or office.

Please note: the kind of help I give is not just for the ACT, but for a lifetime of reading improvement. You may want to continue tutoring after the ACT.

I love taking on and solving the difficult and challenging cases. The state of Massachusetts made me a demonstration site for all the schools in the state, and I received the National Award for helping Dyslexics, half of whom have ADHD. I hold a Harvard degree and 12 US patents. I have Tutored Thousands of Struggling Readers.

John F. Adams

"Patient and insightful."

- Rachel Riverton, UT on 9/26/2018

John took an hour to read with my son. I have never seen reading taught so patiently and efficiently. Very pleased with the kind and respectful way he spoke to both my son and myself. So happy we found him! I have a lot of hope that things will turn around for us.

Program Overview

I teach my students how to be an active reader: how to think as you read, and how to read at the speed you think, with focused concentration, unhindered by anxiety or worry. I have developed a thorough course of preparation:

1. The first thing I do is help my students correct bad reading habits. This is actually very easy and quick to do with my specialized text formatting together with my presentation.

2. Next, and if necessary, I work on your child’s decoding, automaticity and fluency, getting all these up to par. I have developed a Free 40 hour phonics course which you can do on your own, after I teach you how. This is just another of many ways I can help you.

3. As soon as this is accomplished or well underway, I start working on the seven major ways to improve comprehension and recall.

In addition, the fastest way to improve writing, speaking and recall is very often to improve reading. This is what I do. Ask me why this approach works so well.

4. The fourth step in my program deals with improving reading speed with even more comprehension. I have developed a special formatting and reading software approach that paces students as they learn to read silently just ahead of computer voice, first at normal reading speed (150-180 words per minute), and then up to college level reading speed (350-500 words per minute). Any book or Internet article can be read this way. At the same time, this approach teaches transferrable skills for regular reading.

5. In addition and throughout the course, we work on Vocabulary, focus, and concentration, as described below. 

My vocabulary program is designed to teach the 1200 SAT words through an innovative and multidisciplinary approach based on root words. This approach is designed to increase critical thinking, general knowledge, and test taking skills as you improve your basic reading skills, reading about each word.

I have also developed a very powerful technique for quickly increasing focus and concentration while preventing test anxiety and negative voices. This has major use for all of the following challenges: Noisy Environments, Reading Anxiety, SAT Test Anxiety, Low Self-Esteem, ADHD, and PTSD. Ask me how.

6. I can help you read any textbook, Internet Article, or novel at grade level or above, using the approach I developed. 


John F. Adams