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A new way to read can provide immediate help for students seeking to improve reading speed and comprehension. We are talking here about immediate Empowerment.

Students and adults are immediately able to focus, concentrate, understand, discuss, and enjoy reading. They learn how to overcome the 18 Bad Reading Habits.

This approach is a special presentation of existing text.

The presentation can be adjusted or “tweaked” for the severity of issue. Presentation is adjusted as progress occurs.

This approach can be used for any novel, textbook, or Internet text.

It can be used with all courses in middle school, high school, college and graduate school, or selections for independent reading.

Any lecture or set of teacher notes can be reformatted and presented in this way.

It is appropriate for individuals of all ages above nine.

Perhaps the best way to quickly understand this new form of reading is to view it as a special type of interactive lecture, where you read text silently just ahead of the accompanying sound.

Individuals read sentences silently, just ahead of hearing the text read out loud with computer voice. You have the speaker (computer voice) go just as fast or slow as you want. The sound automatically  pauses for as long as you want after every sentence, for you to think about each thought for as long as you want. You are in charge of when to continue. You can also have the sound repeat each sentence as often as you want. As the lecture proceeds, you also automatically pause on and identify every change in direction (all titles and sub-titles). You can also pause and look up words for their definition anytime you want. In addition, you can replay the lecture automatically, if you want, at increased speed if you wish, pausing just when you wish, or jumping over sections you already know well.

With this approach there is no missed or lost learning from daydreaming or falling asleep from “boring” presentation, as the presentation automatically stops as soon as you drift off. You can proceed just as fast, or as slowly, as your mind can process the text.

Students and adults will not be overwhelmed with too much text, small letters, or rushing through the text without stoping to think as much as needed after each sentence. The presentation automatically presents text correctly, with pausing after each sentence; you do not have to choose to pause.

With this approach, readers will immediately surrender their need for regressions, perseveration, and a wide range of other obsessive and compulsive reading behaviors. Instead of worrying about missing words, readers will be able to concentrate and focus on meaning and reading enjoyment.

Remedial Reading students make rapid progress with this approach.

As you practice with this type of reading, your ability to think in terms of thought intervals quickly improves, as does your reading speed, writing, speaking, memory, and your desire to share and participate with what you have learned. Miraculously, reading anxiety, reading frustration, and reading avoidance disappear instantly. Your grades improve, as does your joy of learning. You can use this approach to read any article or text on the Internet. You choose to become a lifelong learner.

Skills you learn by reading this way are transferrable to regular reading.

All kinds of visuals and graphics are available and presented on a separate file (or in the original book) for you to look at, as desired, as you read on the screen and listen to the main text.

Best of all, this type of reading can be done on any existing iPad, iPad mini, iPhone, iPod Touch, Mac laptop, or Mac Desktop. Almost everybody already owns, or has access to one or more of these items. Furthermore, no new software is necessary to purchase. You will, however, need to use a keyboard, and learn this technique.

If you use earphones with a portable iOS devise or with a Mac laptop, you can greatly increase your learning time by reading as a passenger on busses, trains and cars, or when standing in line, or when waiting in crowded rooms, or when sitting outside in the fresh air, or when working out at the gym on a treadmill. You can do this online or offline.

The keys to this approach are the following:

  1. 1.Enlarged font.

  2. 2.Repaginated text in which the beginning of each new paragraph is indented, and separated from preceding text by a blank line.

  3. 3.There is also a blank line between the sentences in the paragraph. A blank line after semi-colons is recommended as well. The blank lines prevent being overwhelmed by too much text at one time. If desired, blank lines can also occur after commas.

  4. 4.Computer voice accompanies the text. The sound instantly corrects any reading mistakes and eliminates reading anxiety.

  5. 5.This voice can be adjusted for speed. The adjustable speech rate also acts as a pacer to promote reading improvement.

  6. 6.The student reads ahead of the sound, pausing at the punctuation marks for the sound to catch up.

  7. 7.The sound stops automatically at the end of each sentence for as long as the student wants. This forces thinking and review (active participation).

  8. 8.The student can repeat the sentence as often as desired.

  9. 9.The student takes a free online course to correct the 18 Bad Reading Habits.

  10. 10. The student can read up to 550 words per minute this way, or as slowly as desired.

The name of this approach is Proportional Reading.

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