Ten Specialized Reading Aids:

Rotating and Tilting iPad Holder

For All Desks, Arm Chairs, And Bed Tables,

And Reading on Your Side in Bed

Also Use in Gym:

For Elliptical, Recumbent Bike, and Treadmill

Adjust Height, Distance, Tilt, and Rotation

Rotating iPhone Holder

Flat, Plexiglass Base on Current Model Accepts Keyboard.

Tilts Forward as Well as Backward. This is Unique.

iPhone Slides In and Out, and Rests Against Stop.

To Magnify Text: Move Unit Close to Your Eyes, Rotate Unit to Landscape Mode, and/or Enlarge Font Size.

Unit folds flat for storage in attache (with or without device).

Over 25 Uses

Rotate 360 degrees, with or without charging cable. Switch between landscape and portrait mode.

Stands up above covers.

Has low footprint on desk; pile other items on base.

Video Chat Hands-Free (FaceTime or Skype); also make audio calls Hands-Free.

Read flat on your back looking up, with Holder placed on raised bed table (in line with TV). See photo above.

Ideal for reading on your side in bed; rotate for just the right angle of text.

Take Selfies easily; here is an alternative to the stick.

Use with or without a case. Shown above with case.

Hold recipes above food on kitchen counter while cooking.

Also use as Hands-Free lectern or teleprompter.

Read hands-free in an armchair, desk chair, lawn chair, wheel chair or sofa.

Magnify text.

Read on your attache on the bus or train, in a plane or car.

Use on a pillow to adjust height. Eliminate neck pain.

Use with Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard to read with Interactive computer voice at high speed.

Take close up photos.

Mount on tripod for professional video or stills.

Use as copy stand, with text vertical.


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Price: $89.00 each, with Free shipping anywhere in the USA.

30 Day Unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee.

We  have a separate model for the iPad (see below).

Learn To Read Well


Adjustable Neck Strap (Lanyard) for Any iPhone or iPhone Case, or Any Other Smartphone or Smartphone Case.




Eye-Level Book Stand with Adjustable Height: 24”-40”, Adjustable Width, Adjustable Tilt, and Adjustable Distance From Eyes. Ideal for large books and Bibles.

Read iPad or Tablet in Any Chair, Bed, or Sofa with iPad/Tablet Floor Stand.


Book Maid



Self Massage Tool

Relieve The Aches and Pains from Lying in Bed and from Reading Books & Screens of Text.

Set of Two Different Self Massagers for Self Application of Massage. Increase Circulation.

Get Back to Sleep At Night with One Minute Self Massage. Learn How. Silent Operation.

Beautify Your Reading Windows

Get Help Learning to Read Well.

Learn How to Read At High Speed,

Just Ahead of Computer Voice.

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