Spelling Well is largely a matter of accurately remembering (knowing) how a word sounds, including all syllables, and second, knowing the different way or ways each sound can be spelled.

In order to do the first part, it is imperative to know the sounds different letters and their letter combinations make. Most accurate word-sound training will come from some form of voice and text combination, like hearing text read out loud. Our Reading Tool teaches these sounds.

The second task is taught by the Spelling Tool below. The sounds are in alphabetical order, with the “Schwa” sounds just before “e”. To spell a word choose a spelling for each sound in order in the word to be spelled. Pick the choice that appears familiar. Note: two different ways a word can be spelled are often used for two different meanings. Use spell checking.


\a\ has the spelling         a in apple

\a-\ has the spelling       a in baby

                                       a in safe

                                       ay in play

                                       ea in great

                                       ei in vein

                                       eigh in eight

                                       ey in they

\a-i\ has the spelling      ai in sail, nail, pail,

\ar\ has the spelling       ar in ark

\b\ has the spelling        b in bat

\ch\ has the spelling      ch in chin, church

                                       si in expansion

                                       tch in catch

                                       ti in attention

\chu\ has the spelling    tu in nature

\d\ has the spelling        d in dog

                                       ed in sailed

\&\ has the spelling        a in banana

                                       i in minimum

                                       o in cover

                                       u in cut

\&r\ has the spelling       ar in liar, pedlar, dollar, cellar

                                       er in her, fern, gallery, property

                                       ir in sir, firm

                                       or in actor, collector, doctor

                                       ur in curl, burn, fur, gurgle, curfue

\&s\ has the spelling      ous in dangerous

                                       us in circus

\e\ has the spelling         e in elephant

                                       ea in head

\e-\ has the spelling       e in recent

                                       e in these

                                       ee in feed

                                       ei in ceiling

                                       ey in valey

                                       ie in chief

\f\ has the spelling         f in fun, fat, fan

                                       ph in phone

\g\ has the spelling        g in game, got

\h\ has the spelling        h in ham, hat

\i\ has the spelling         e in honest

                                       i in it, jib

\i-\ has the spelling        i in spider

                                       i in pine

                                       igh in light

\j\ has the spelling         g general, giant, gypsy

                                       j in jam

\k\ has the spelling         c in cat

                                       ch in Christmas

                                       ck in black

                                       k in kite

\ks\ has the spelling       cs in relics

                                       ks in racks, banks

                                       Vkes in rakes, makes, takes

                                       x in box

\l\ has the spelling          l in let, left

\m\ has the spelling       m in man

\n\ has the spelling         n in nor

                                       kn in knot, knew, know

\o\ has the spelling        o in not, pot, mop, on, onto, off

\o-\ has the spelling       o in pony

                                       o in home

                                       oa in boat

                                       oe in toe

                                       ow in snow, row (boat)

\o-i\ has the spelling      oi in boil, toil

                                       oy in toy

\o^\ has the spelling      a in all

                                       au in August

                                       aw in saw

\ou\ has the spelling      ou in out

                                       ow in cow, bow (down)

\p\ has the spelling        p in pan

\qu\ has the spelling      qu in quick

\s\ has the spelling         c center, cider, cylinder

                                       s in sat

                                       sc in science

\sh\ has the spelling       ch in Chicago

                                       sh in ship

                                       si in compulsion

                                       ti in partial

\t\ has the spelling         ed in jumped

                                       t in rat

\th\ has the spelling       th in this, that, those

\ü\ has the spelling        ew in grew

                                       oo in food

                                       ou in soup

                                       u in ruby, rule

                                       ue in true

\ù\ has the spelling         o in wolf, woman

                                       oo in book

                                       ou in could

                                       u in put, pull

\v\ has the spelling         v in victory

\w\ has the spelling        w in win

\yü\ has the spelling       eu in Europe

                                       ew in few

                                       u in music

                                       u in mule

\z\ has the spelling         s in nose

                                       z in xylophone

\zh\ has the spelling       si in emersion