Read and Reduce Weight

with our

Treadmill iPad Holder

Improve Your Focus and Concentration

  1. Read Great Literature on your iPad, as you workout on the Treadmill. Eliminate all boredom. Enjoy your workout.

  2. See exercise details on the treadmill screen, as you read and work out on the treadmill, using our iPad Holder to hold your iPad (see photo above).

  3. Read your Assigned Reading: Textbooks or Novels, with voice and text at adjustable speaking speed, using earphones (see photo above).

  4. Extend your workout because you are having fun.

  5. Review your own notes, or those of your teacher, as you work out on the treadmill.

  6. Re-read textbook chapters.

  7. Get much more done in the same time.

  8. Look forward to your next workout, so you can continue reading.

  9. In addition, use on exercise bicycle.

  10. Also read magazines on our Treadmill iPad Holder.

  11. Order our Treadmill iPad Holder.

Our iPad Holder for the Treadmill is made of rugged aluminum, powder coated with a tough black finish. An adjustable cord goes around the back of the treadmill screen to secure the Holder. This cord allows you to instantly slip the Holder over the screen, or quickly swing the cord around the back of the screen and snap the cord onto the other side of the Holder. The Holder is 16.5” wide and 3.5” high. It works on any treadmill. It easily fits into any gym bag.

Reading text with the accompaniment of voice has two advantages. First, the sound will identify any word you have not seen clearly as you run. Secondly, reading text with voice accompaniment allows you to read much faster with the same or better comprehension. This in turn means more focus on and enjoyment from what you are reading on the treadmill.

Reading on the treadmill with the iPad has another major advantage. You can increase the text size to where it is easy to see as you run. As you increase the font size, the text automatically concatenates (re-forms) on the page. All of the text stays visible. In addition, when the text is this large you can read it with little or almost no eye movement.

Reading text with the iPad and voice accompaniement on the treadmill, or anywhere else, has another major advantage. Pages will turn automatically; you don’t need to do anything.


Go To Our Free Training Manual on how to set up your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac (laptop or desktop), or PC to  read text with adjustable-speed, computer-voice and text. This manual is ideal for self-instruction. Learn More.

Learn how to read text with voice at adjustable speed.

Improve your reading speed and comprehension for free.

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