7 Different Ways To Improve Writing


I teach how to improve writing in Seven different ways:

One. Most important. The best way to improve writing is to improve reading; learning how to read by punctuation intervals and how they relate to each other in a sentence, and then how the sentences relate in a paragraph, and then how the paragraphs relate in the chapter —all this is the key to writing well. Basically, you often write the way you read.

Two. I teach how to move from inspiration to written thought by using a digital recorder and Dragon Dictate (Voice to Text dictation).

Three. I teach how to recognize sounds from letter combinations using my Reading Tool.

Four. I teach how to spell with my Spelling Tool.

Five. I teach how to edit what you have written (paper, note, or e-mail) using my Audio Editing tool.

Six. I teach how to build vocabulary while you read, including how to look up the definition of a word instantly as you read, without any typing.

Seven. I also have an excellent vocabulary program for learning the 1200 SAT vocabulary words with a root based approach.