Ten Reading Aids To

Increase Your Comfort and Comprehension


The Most Enjoyable Way to Work with your phone. Use as case if desired.

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Turn to use in Portrait mode if desired.

In addition, see our larger Rotating and Tilting iPad Holder.

Read This Free Article on Proper Reading Posture.

Read Just Ahead of Sound at 350-500 WPM

Also, learn how to use this setup to read books and Internet articles on your current iOS Device, just ahead of computer voice, at speeds 350-500 words per minute, with excellent comprehension and tremendous enjoyment. Check this out Here.

Other Reading Aids for Preventing “Tech Neck”



Eye-Level Book Stand with Adjustable Height: 24”-40”, Adjustable Width, Adjustable Tilt, and Adjustable Distance From Eyes. Ideal for large books and Bibles.

Read iPad or Tablet in Any Chair, Bed, or Sofa with iPad/Tablet Floor Stand.


Book Maid


Adjustable Neck Strap (Lanyard) for Any iPhone or iPhone Case, or Any Other Smartphone or Smartphone Case.

Relieve “Tech Neck”:

Stop Aches and Pains from Reading Books and Screens of Text.

Set of Two Different Massagers for Self Application of Massage (Get Set of Both)

Learn How To Read Well, Overcoming Challenges.


(See Details Below)

Prevent Neck and Shoulder Pain

Relieve Stenosis, Avoid “Tech Neck”

Prevent Upper Back Pain, Help for Arthritis

Help for Weak Hands (with optional page clamps)

Magnify Text (sit back & read close at eye level)

Increase Concentration and Focus

Instant Help for ADHD, LD and Parkinson’s

(Stop page shake and leg/foot movement)

Help for MS, Paraplegia and Quadriplegia 

(Roll wheelchair into reading stand at eye level)

Help After Back Surgery (read on back)

Read in Comfort for Hours

Easily Hold Large Books

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Compact Phone Holder

Elegant Design with Adjustable Tilt & Rotation

For All iPhones and iPod touch

Also For Other Smartphones

Use on Desk or Lap Pillow (with adjustable tilt)