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The inventor’s Lifestyle Diet is a book about lifestyle change. It was written by me, a professional inventor. Everything in this book can be tested out and proved, usually within 2 to 3 days. Any product of an inventor has to meet these standards. Also, there is no cost for the 25 key principles of this book. Why? Because these principles are so powerful that everybody should have them for free. Furthermore, everything you need is right in this book. There are no expensive newsletters, or meals, or supplements, or videos, or magic potions. If you like what you read here and it helps you, I hope you will share it with others on Facebook and Twitter and by e-mail.

If after reading the introduction and 25 key principles, you decide you want to continue with this program, there are seven other sections in Part Two of this book to help you get started and succeed. Part Two of this book is also FREE.


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Chapter One. How This Book Came About

Chapter Two. The Twenty-Five Key Principles

Chapter Three. Realization

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Chapter Four. Overcoming Startup Fears 

Chapter Five. Using The Tools

Chapter Six. Avoiding Temptation

Chapter Seven. Correcting Mistakes and “Sins”

Chapter Eight. Menu Ideas

Chapter Nine. Making Things Happen

Chapter Ten. Maintaining Your New Weight

If after reading this book and trying out the ideas, you decide you want private or small group consultation with the author over the Internet, that can be arranged at the end of this work. You may want a Lifestyle Diet Coach.

Chapter 1. How This Book Came About

Like most of us I have had to decide what to eat every day of my life. This means that whether I like it or not, I am involved with diet choices. In my youth I made some early attempts at diet that could only be called introductory.

For example, let's look at my Häagen-Dazs diet. The theory of this diet was that if I just ate Häagen-Dazs ice cream alone, I would eventually get sick of it and stop eating it. Sad to say, this theory did not work out, and I had to abandon this particular diet.

Another one of my diet attempts was called Protein Pate, this consisted of hard-boiled eggs ground up into a pate, and then added to a complex carbohydrate, like potato or rice. The sulfur smell of this pate was so bad that I had to abandon this diet as well.

Now let's jump to two summers ago, the summer of 2016. For some still unknown reason I injured my right knee after running every day on a grass park by the sea. My right knee filled up with fluid and had to be drained on three separate occasions at the Brigham and Women's Hospital. I was essentially immobile during this period, not being able to run or walk. I was diagnosed with a torn medial meniscus in my right knee. It was suggested that before surgery I try out physical therapy, which I did. My physical therapist was in my opinion, able to produce a miracle, and I got back my ability to walk and run, now on an elliptical machine, all without any surgery.

At this time, and apart from my knee, my doctors considered me to be in excellent physical shape, weighing 168 pounds and having excellent blood pressure and a strong heartbeat, even if a bit low due to my former running.

The physical therapy exercises I did took about two hours a day. This was a major commitment, but one I was willing to make because I believed in my physical therapist. Being a professional inventor I found it impossible not to greatly improve the physical therapy equipment that was standard practice in the industry. This I have done and it resulted in a much improved practice session each day, as I did my workouts at home.

I also spread out the exercise sessions at different points in the day. This led me to the conclusion that spaced practice of lightweight exercise was extremely beneficial for weight loss. I also added a counting program to my iPhone, so all the exercises that I had to do could be automatically executed, without my having to keep track of the seconds involved. This in turn enabled me to spend my time listening to music on Bluetooth earphones, and meditating, all of which verified to me and proved the value of multitasking one’s physical activity.

From this it was but a slight step to add some basic home exercise moves to the routines that I was doing several times a day, none of which created a heavy sweat.

So, where does the diet come in?

I decided that I would lose 20 pounds to take additional weight off of my right knee. In doing this I would also reduce belly fat considerably, and reduce the chance of cancer.

I was also grateful to my doctors and physical therapist for all that they did for me, and felt that I wanted to become the best that I could be, partially in pure gratitude.

I quickly realized that all the diet principles known to me at the time were of no use in achieving this weight reduction goal. Years ago I had been New England Wrestling Champion in the 157 pound class. Using all the current principles available, I found it impossible to get down to that weight now, which I had been at some 50 years earlier.

With multiple experiments and weighing myself on a daily basis, I was able to ascertain what worked and what failed and to add new concepts as needed. This is just what any inventor would do. I found that there were many necessary but not sufficient elements to a health maintenance and weight reduction program.

In addition, I discovered the four or five main principles, which I include in this List of The 25 Key Principles, all for free, that made the difference and allowed me to get below 145 pounds on Independence Day 2017, six months after I had started the program. I actually lost just over 24 pounds, which is 1 pound per week.

Please note that this diet is about loosing the hardest 20 pounds, the ones that make the difference between your looking great and not.

Chapter Two. The 25 Key Concepts of The Inventor’s Lifestyle Diet

You will quickly see that the professional inventor approach in this book is far different in three ways from any other attempt at improving health and well-being, which for most of us includes weight reduction.

To begin with this approach is brutally frank. The second thing is that it is goal orientated. The third thing is that this approach is based on the belief that you control your own destiny; you control what, how much, when, and how often you eat any substance. These choices are the main control factors, and you are in charge. Your taking control each morning, and throughout the day, of your choices determines your destiny. This is the most important overriding principle. You can re-start using this principle as often as you need, or just continue to use it.

1. Everybody who has ever gone to a gym for five years or more, even if only visiting occasionally, knows that almost nobody has lost any weight. On the other hand, everybody knows that exercise is important to losing weight. The point is that exercise is necessary but not sufficient.

2. There are seven other mandates which are also necessary but not sufficient.

a. Cut out all pasta and bread from your home.

b. Cut out all fruit juices, sodas, and smoothies.

c. Cut out all cream and sugar. Use 1% milk only in your coffee, cocoa and tea, no cream or sugar. No cream sauces, and no ice cream.

d. Cut out all fried food.

e. Cut out all cookies, cakes, pies, and other desserts.

  1. f.Cut out all alcohol, beer and wine.

  2. g. Cut out all snacks from your home, including: crackers and cheese, potato chips, mixed nuts, snack mixes, cans of peanuts or cashews, bowls or assortments of candy, and separate candy bars, etc.

Take 2 to 3 days to implement each of these mandates. Remember, none of these mandated actions are sufficient in and of themselves. Even collectively they are all necessary but not sufficient. Rest assured, the remaining necessary key ingredients are listed below in this same article.

3. Many doctors will tell you that it is impossible to have your abs show again, and it is ridiculous for you to even try. As you will see this can easily be disproved. I will show you pictures of myself before and after at age 71.

4. Others will tell you that lifting weights is critical to weight reduction. This is absurd. In our approach there is no use of weights. Furthermore, there is no use of deep knee squats, crunches, or other dangerous physical motions.

5. Most people spend a great deal of time physically trying to improve their weight, at the gym, or walking or running outside. Many of these people also spend a considerable amount of money, which is labor they have exerted in return for money, for all kinds of crazy diet recipes and menus and concoctions. My point is that most people are already spending far more energy and effort than is necessary in order to succeed. They are just spending it in the wrong way.

6. Right from the start you will make money with this diet. Why? Because your food bill for the week will be greatly reduced.

7. You will never be hungry on this diet. I know, I did it. Fighting hunger is evidence of a very stupid diet plan. See point 24 on Leptin. Also, and on the other hand, you are never groggy from eating too much food.

8. It is essential to have a protein breakfast to feed the brain. I have a one egg and cheese and vegetable omelette almost every morning. There are hundreds of thousands of variations, all delicious, and this breakfast takes no more than approximately three minutes to make. I have no cereal and no meat for breakfast. This one egg omelette keeps me full until lunchtime.

9. A 1/2 hour, 1 hour, 1 1/2 hour, two hour, or two hour and 1/2 session in the gym doing a lot of exercise, is totally unnecessary, and counterproductive for weight loss. This is for three reasons. First, participants gorge on food right after their exercise, taking in an amount of calories that is usually far in excess of what they have just lost. Secondly, long workouts make you very sleepy when you get home and wreck your post-workout productivity; this is unsustainable. It is not necessary to spend more than 15 minutes on a cardiovascular workout, including cool-down to gain weight loss benefits. Thirdly, the instant pain, boredom and soreness of long workouts, all deter repetition.

10. People of all ages can do this diet. I will prove it to you. If I can do this at age 71; you can certainly do it at whatever age you are.

11. This is a new approach, which almost anybody can do regardless of the shape they are in.

12. Perform fifteen minute, lightweight exercise at home at least twice a day. Ideally this should consist of stretches and light muscle challenge. Physical therapy exercises are ideal examples of what should be included. The point of doing this is that your metabolism is on high gear all day long; not just for the time you're at the gym. This makes a tremendous difference. Even just 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening will show instant and dramatic improvement. You never break into a sweat in these workouts. They are gentle and fun. They will gradually build strength and flexibility.

13. This spaced exercise in moderate amounts and intensity greatly expands your endorphin rush and libido during the whole day. This by itself acts as major motivation.

14. Set up your morning exercise with meditation and music. The key here is to multitask your time. Use your exercise to think over what you wish to accomplish in the day ahead of you. This way you will look forward to your meditation and music and exercise. Use sound silencing, Bluetooth earphones with Apple music selections on your iPhone.

15. Use a second timer on your iPhone so you can automatically count out your exercise cycles, and remain free to concentrate on meditation and music.

16. Set up your morning exercise so it is mostly on a floor mat. This is an easy way to get the day started.

17. Set up your evening home exercise shortly after dinner, so it will act to stimulate you for 2 to 3 hours thereafter. Completely avoid the fatigue of over exercise, which results in sleepiness. Light exercise will enable you to multitask, with music and meditation, and to add highly focused activity for 2 to 3 hours thereafter in the evening. Your short evening exercise becomes the key to a productive evening.

18. There is absolutely no counting calories in this diet.

19. Take your weight each morning at the same time, ideally using a smart phone to record your weight automatically. Look at the resulting chart and analyze any mistakes that just occurred, creating a plan for instant recovery.

20. The major key to this diet is very simple: you cannot begin to lose weight if your stomach is always full. The reason is very simple. You will always be digesting food in your stomach, and never get around to digesting food in other parts of your body, like your stores of fat. Do not overeat, especially dinner. If you are going to have a large cookie or pastry, go ahead, but make that the totality of your dinner. Never skip on a protein based breakfast, or lunch, or you will go into an uncontrollable craving for junk food and end up eating much to much.

Perhaps the most important single principle in this Lifestyle Diet is to proactively beat the junk food cravings by having a small protein based breakfast (1 egg omelette with cheddar cheese and vegetables) and lunch (fruit cup with yogurt and nuts). Combine this with a small entree based dinner.

21. Be aware that you have no control over which part of your body is currently losing weight. However, what goes around comes around, and after a month or so you will be very impressed with how much weight you have lost in many areas of your body.

22. Eat slowly and never have more than one helping of an entrée. Also, avoid poor quality junk food; it tastes bad and is bad for you. Picture eating one high quality French pastry instead of 6-8 impulse junk food items from the store counter. Portion control is a major principal of this Lifestyle Diet.

Also, try to remember that the subtleties of life come in the entrees, not in the desserts. The fat, sugar and salt of the dessert may be strong and addictive, but this is not the source of inspiration found in the entree.

23. Never have more than one course at a meal. Going out to dinner and having an appetizer, a salad course, and entrée, and a dessert is imbibing four separate meals and will ruin a good part of the week’s diet efforts. By eating a single hard-boiled egg in the evening, it's actually possible to atone for earlier sins; however, it may take two or three days. Check the scale each morning.

24. Never eat between 7 o'clock at night and seven in the morning. This is necessary to give your body 12 hours for the Leptin affect to work. This hormone keeps you from being hungry. For example if you starve yourself, or start to starve yourself, Leptin will go into high gear and you won't be able to keep from eating junk food. On the other hand, 12 hours are necessary for Leptin to do its work digesting stores of fat in your body. The actual process does not occur until the last three hours of the cycle. This is why it's very important not to eat snacks just before you go to bed, if you want to lose weight.

25. If you are an adult, maintain a protein drip that you imbibe from a coffee cup throughout the day, a little at a time. This should be coffee with at least 20%, 1% milk and no sugar, and/or cocoa or tea with 1% milk and no sugar. The cocoa should be dark, unsweetened, hundred percent cocoa. Of course, drink as much water as you would like. The caffeine acts as a stimulant and hunger suppressant, and the milk acts as a protein and energy source for the brain and other parts of the body.

Chapter Three. Realization

When I was a young man in my early 20s, my understanding of life was that you found a lovely woman and splurged with her doing all the things you both wanted to do, but had been denied by years and years of prep or high school and then college.

Many years later, meaning now, I understand that the goal is to find a partner who will help you lead a sensible life, without indulging in harmful excesses. There can be many joys of high moments along the way, but these are not in the categories of personal harm.

Chief among the excesses to avoid is over eating, or eating in a way that causes harm to one's body. This would be combined with a lifestyle that promotes good cardiovascular health and overall physical fitness.

I can say with almost certainty, that finding a reasonable lifestyle eating plan is an ongoing task for all of us today in industrial countries. The reason is obvious; basic wants are no longer the task that needs to be resolved. The question now is how to achieve moderation and avoidance of excess.

Before and After Shots

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