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Chapter Four. Overcoming Initial Fears

This chapter is about overcoming startup fears; the worries that may keep you from getting started.

It’s only natural when starting a big project to worry about obstacles. When considering the subject of diets, these initial worries can be summed up pretty simply:

Is this diet going to require more physical effort than I am willing to put in?

Am I going to be in physical pain every day?

Am I going to be hungry most of the time?

Is this diet going to take more time than I can afford?

Will I be too hungry to sleep?

How do I persevere? I know I am a diet quitter.

What happens when I hit a plateau?

How fast can I see results?

How long will it take to lose 20 pounds?

Can I get back on track if I slip and fall?

We are now going to present 23 points which will allay all these fears as well as many others. So let’s get started.

One. Check with Your Doctor and Nutritionist

The first thing to do when you’re thinking about a new diet plan is to check everything out with your doctor and nutritionist. Having your doctor’s okay will add a layer of confidence to your proposed behavior. Checking with your doctor also makes sense because you may uncover a physical problem that would/should prevent you from continuing.

Two. Your Decisions

Despite the presence of exercise in this diet, 90% of the success or failure of this lifestyle change rests in your decisions about what you eat, when you eat it, how much you eat of it and how often. Learning how to make these choices correctly is the real key to this lifestyle diet, not how much exercise you do.

Three. Prepare Your Home

The best way to get ready to make these decisions is to prepare your home by saying no to many of the wrong types of foods. Take one or two days to enact each of the letter mandates A through G in point 2 of The Inventor’s Lifestyle Diet (Part One). For example, get familiar with drinking water rather than soda.

Four. Start with Easy Activity in the Morning, Multitask

Exercise Briefly Before Breakfast. And while you’re at it, also make sure you set out your allotment of pills before you allow yourself to eat breakfast.

These early morning exercises should be physical therapy stretches that are easy to perform and do not cause any pain. Besides getting your metabolism to work, these stretches get your body limbered up and ready for the day. These exercises should last 15 to 20 minutes. The following list is just a group of suggestions; you should make your own list and adjust it to your own liking.


angry cat

knee swing left and right

knee swing forward and back and bend up foot

hand diagonally out and then diagonally under

two knee pull

knee cross pull

hip-ups on side

pelvic tilt

flutter kick

quad stretch

If you are a seasoned athlete, you can begin with 30 push-ups, and and end with 10 assisted pull ups.

It is essential that you look at these exercises as making you happier; providing you with increased motion, gradually increased strength, and an endorphin rush. Listen to music as you do these exercises, using a pair of Bluetooth, noise canceling, headphones and Apple music on your iPhone. Plan out your forthcoming day and meditate. You should look forward to doing this each morning, as something you really enjoy, in addition to benefiting yourself. This is called Multitasking your exercise.

You can also listen to the Evening news as you exercise. This is another way to Multitask your exercise. On your iPhone you can hear the newscast at the time of your choosing.

Five. Perform Afternoon Cardio Exercise

Afternoon Exercise Session of Cardio-Vascular for 10 min with 3 min cool down.

Alternate days of 1, 2, or 3 and 4 or 5.

1. rowing

2. stationary bike

3. recumbent bike

4. elliptical

5. Treadmill, if knees can take it

This is where you do your hard work of the day, but it is only for 10 minutes, and then a cool down. Also listen to music as you work out. Noise canceling earphones are especially effective in the gym.

If you are using a recumbent bike or standard exercise bike, you can watch TV as you exercise. Here again you are multitasking your exercise.

Six. Exercise Briefly after Dinner With Low Intensity Moves

Here again, this exercise is low intensity and mostly comprised of physical therapy moves which are designed to keep you limber and activate your metabolism and cause an endorphin rush. You should look at this short period of exercise as guaranteeing you an evening of focused attention on other activities.

Using elastic bands on a door, here is a selection for a 15 minute evening workout:

Three rounds of 4 x 4 ankle swings

Swing Down

Swing Up

Two Handed Boxing, Front and Back

Seven. No Coffee from 9:30 pm to 7:00 am

Don’t have coffee, tea, or cocoa after 9:30 at night, or before 7:00 am in the morning. These times are reserved for water intake. Drinking caffeine too late in the evening will prevent you from a good night’s sleep.

Note: With the morning and evening exercise sessions, there is no heavy sweat, and therefore no craving for a lot of food. You will not have to worry about this temptation.

Furthermore, the 10 to 15 minute workout in the afternoon at the gym, or other such resource, can be buttressed on either side by coffee or chocolate milk. Normally, the urge for pizza or candy or M&Ms can be kept at bay by these drinks before and after a short intense workout.

Eight. Study Your Weight Chart

Keep looking at your weight chart with the daily entries of your weight. Each week you should see an overall and accelerating decline. This is your major motivation.

Visualize yourself accelerating this picture in the direction you desire. This act alone will enable you to withstand many temptations. Charts can be seen as a weekly event or monthly event, so you will quickly develop a long-term picture.

Be sure to take your weight every day at the same time, and with the same amount of clothing on.

Nine. Have Specific Goals for Why You Want to Loose Weight

It’s always helpful if you have some specific goals for why you want to lose weight. At the top of this list would be having somebody of the opposite sex whom you wish to impress. Saving that lucky occurrence, getting in shape for the summer or fall season will act as a good motivation, if not quite as strong. The fantasy of love, or the anticipation of potential love, is a great motivator. This certainly includes getting in great physical shape for your existing spouse.

10. Show Your Gratitude

Be very grateful for the recent help you have gotten from doctors and physical therapists, etc. Use this gratitude to motivate yourself to become the best that you can be.

11. Prize Your Progress

View your chart of weight reduction as a work of art which is a creation in progress. Treasure it as you would any maximum effort that you had made. Always think about this creation as it unfolds and what your current choices may do to augment or alter the trend lines in this creation, even if only temporarily.

12. Feel The Pain

Make a list of why you think you are a failure. Feel the pain. Feel the shame. As your list grows, you will be amazed to find that you have an inner voice called your real self, that pops up with a solution to your problems. You have to go through the pain and suffering in order to get to the light.

Learn how to use this technique over and over to solve many of your issues; do not concede defeat. Do not escape the pain.

13. Know That Hunger is Not Necessary

Understand that starvation and the pain of hunger associated there with is not part of a viable lifestyle diet. There are two reasons. First, the Leptin hormone goes into play as soon as you start to starve yourself and will force you to eat junk food. Secondly, should you manage to starve yourself, your body drastically cuts your metabolism rate, so your weight reduction efforts are reduced dramatically. Either way, your diet efforts fail, so why start down such a road.

You do not need to worry about being so hungry that you can not go to sleep. This is never a problem with the Inventor’s Lifestyle Diet.

14. Expect Rapid Initial Weight Loss

There is a time near the beginning of this program when there is a rapid weight loss. It is important to allow this to take place. You have to be very careful of your inputs during this time; but at no point do you need to be hungry. As you implement letters A through G in principal 2 in The Inventor’s Lifestyle Diet, and as you learn to have a stomach that is empty by the end of the evening, you will see a rapid reduction in weight.

15. Look for the Larger Weight Patterns

Carefully examine your weight charts to examine the larger patterns. You will see that your weight progresses downward more or less like a downward staircase; that is, a downward drop and then a plateau and then another downward drop. Take a look at the length of these plateaus. Of course each person will have a different record and a different average length of plateau. However, if you carefully look at your own record, and you are observing a period of time in which you did not commit a number of sins, you may be surprised to find that plateaus often last only three days. This should be very encouraging.

I cannot overemphasize the importance of looking at the chart of your weight reduction, day by day, as the best tool in your kit. Be sure to analyze each mistake and document corrective action, observing the rehabilitation that you put into place and its effectiveness. By doing this, “sins” and “mistakes” are not game changers, but rather bumps in a long road which has a continuing direction that you approve of.

16. Rely heavily on your accumulated personal wisdom of how other people look.

People who work as silversmiths have excellently defined muscles in their forearms. People who run every day have very lean legs. In other words, a person who uses a particular set of muscles has little fat on him in that area. Use that realization in the Inventor’s Lifestyle Diet to help you sculpt your body. If you want to show your abs, you should do some stomach muscle exercises. Obviously, if you don’t have any muscle, you are not going to be able to show it, even if you get rid of all the covering fat.

Muscles do not like to compete with fat in the same cell area; so quickly the fat will get squeezed out.

Please understand that existing or newly developed muscle may still be covered by fat, and that fat is removed in a way that is out of one’s control. Fat reduction may first take place in one ones thighs, rather than in one’s hips, gut, or love handles. However, these areas of fat reduction rotate, and over the course of a month all areas will be addressed.

17. Use the Semicircular Rule

The amount of food on your plate should not be more than one half the circle of the plate itself. Furthermore, it should not be more than three quarters of an inch high with food.

18. No Harmful Moves

In the Inventor’s Lifestyle Diet there are no kettle bells, no crunches, no barbells, no deep bending squats, and no Long cardiovascular workouts, lasting more than 15 minutes. This program it is not based on response to pain, either in the physical therapy exercises, or in the cardiovascular workouts.

19. Simple Program

The Inventor’s Lifestyle Diet it is actually very simple; it consists of three meals a day, beginning with a protein breakfast and then a fruit cup for lunch, and a salad or other light entrée for dinner. In addition, there are three exercise periods during the day: a light session in the morning and evening, and a 10 to 15 minute cardiovascular session in the afternoon, which can rotate from elliptical, to rowing, to exercise bicycle. In addition, there is continuous drinking of fluids during the full day. Nothing is eaten between 7 o’clock at night and 7 o’clock in the morning. There are no snacks.

20. No Hunger

In the Inventor’s Lifestyle Diet you do not experience controlled hunger. This is because you never let hunger begin. You know it’s going to arrive and so you proactively take steps to prevent its occurrence. This is done primarily by the protein drip after a good protein breakfast. The protein drip consists of coffee with 20% 1% milk and no sugar, or cocoa with 1% milk, no sugar, and 100% unsweetened cocoa powder. These concoctions are sipped throughout the day as needed. You can also use Tea, but without any cream, or sugar.

21. You Alone Are At the Controls

You need to look at The Inventor’s Lifestyle Diet as a daily project in which you are at the controls, you execute input to achieve your desired objectives, making adjustments as you look at the wake, in this case the chart of daily weight entries.

This actual process should provide you with empowerment and self validation far in excess of what you get in many other areas of life, for example working for a boss, or at a repetitive job.

22. Loose One Pound Per Week

You can count on losing 1 pound a week with The Inventor’s Lifestyle Diet. This can easily be checked, as I lost 24 pounds in 24 weeks which was six months. You will also see from the charts a fairly steady rate of decline. All of this should be very encouraging to you.

23. Do Daily - Always Have With You

The physical workout part of The Inventor’s Lifestyle Diet consists largely of a floor mat which could be a portable three-part unit, and some physical therapy elastics with accessories. This is completely portable, and can go with you wherever you visit or travel. Of course the scale needs to accompany you, and this may be a problem, but not a serious one. The scale is not really any bigger than a pair of pants, and fits nicely into a suitcase.

Chapter 5. Using the Tools

One. Get a Scale

Two. Get an iPhone App for the Scale

Three. Record Your Weight Each Day, and at the Same Time

Four. Look at the Pattern of the Weight Entries

The chart will tell you the pace of your weight reduction; first after a few days and then after a week, and then after several weeks, and then after several months.

Here is the daily chart of the last four days of the diet, ending on July 4, 2017.

Here below is the overall monthly progress chart.

Five. Look for the Larger Weight Patterns

Carefully examine your weight charts to examine the larger patterns. You will see that your weight progresses more or less like a downward staircase; that is, a downward drop and then a plateau and then another downward drop. Take a look at the length of these plateaus. Of course each person will have a different record and a different average length of plateau. However, if you carefully look at your own record, and you are observing a period of time in which you did not commit a number of sins, you may be surprised to find that plateaus often last only three days. This should be very encouraging.

Six. Analyze Each Mistake

I cannot overemphasize the importance of looking at the chart of your weight reduction, day by day, as the best tool in your kit. Be sure to analyze each mistake and document corrective action, observing the rehabilitation that you put into place and its effectiveness. By doing this, “sins” and “mistakes” are not game changers, but rather bumps in a long road which has a continuing direction that you approve of.

Chapter Six. Avoiding Temptation


Ask yourself whether you want to destroy the graph picture which you have just created through hard work. Picture the graph in your mind right next to the temptation. You will be surprised how often the picture of the graph wins.


Here is an actual example from my own history, which shows another useful technique for avoiding temptation. I decided to go visit my daughter for the weekend. I told her that I would be happy to do my own cooking, because I did not want to be a burden on her and her husband. Like a good hostess, she asked me what my dietary preferences were, and I told her that I did not want any pasta. For dinner we had kale and fish with some additional condiments, perfectly matching my requirements. On Sunday night, I allowed that the following Monday pizza would be served at the gym I attended. My daughter got furious that I might indulge in pizza, after she went to so much trouble to make a good dinner for me when I arrived. I decided to resolve this dilemma by getting a piece of pizza after my workout at the gym, but giving it to my brother to eat, instead of eating it myself. In other words, I got to eat it vicariously through my brother, without any of the negative consequences from eating it myself.


Do not allow your program to be interrupted once you have got it into high gear. The big problem is lunches and dinners with friends, or a weekend with the family. The trick is to think out these problem areas in advance, visualizing how you going to handle them. Don’t allow yourself to get sucked into pasta courses, desserts, and gigantic portions.

In an effort to justify high prices, restaurants have increased portion size way beyond what is healthy to consume at a meal. Then we feel guilty if we don’t eat it all. Avoid this trap.

Plan on getting a doggy bag for half your meal, and take it home for the next day. Also, when ordering, demand not to be served certain items.

When going out for pizza, eat one slice very slowly, and possibly a second small slice, no more. You can be very satisfied with your one piece of pizza in the same time that your friends consume three slices.


I make an excellent lemon square and an excellent dark chocolate turtle. The only way I can be around these items without continuous eating is to make them for a large group, knowing that I will only get one or two before they are all gone.

My homemade lemon squares are so appealing to me that I even begged my mail lady to help me eat them. I left some in my mailbox, all wrapped up in tin foil. She in turn was happy to eat them when she delivered my mail. I admit that this is a different way to communicate with your mail lady, and a different way to use the US Mail Service, but desperate situations call for creativity.

Five. Don’t Get Started with Certain Foods

I got so good at making chocolate mint homemade ice cream that I had to stop making it altogether. Once started, I could not help frequent samplings.

This is also true for hypo and hyperglycemic foods; don’t get started. Highly processed flower in pasta and certain breads, etc will cause an instant swing from hyperglycemia to hypoglycemia with the result of binge eating. Just don’t get started.

Six. Avoid the Temptation to Reduce Sleep

People who are tired eat more. This is well documented. Do not cut back on your sleep hours. The easiest way to avoid this is to get up and use the bathroom as many times as necessary in the night; then go back to sleep. Resonate with the relaxation of muscles, recently relieved.

You can also give yourself a quick back massage for about a minute. This frequently helps relax your body.

Do not have a nightcap. Alcohol disrupts sleep.

Seven. Hydrate

Up to 30% of all hunger is actually caused by a desire to drink. Be sure to give yourself plenty of water, coffee, cocoa, tea and 1% milk.

Chapter 7: Correcting Mistakes and “Sins”

One. Analyze Each Mistake

Analyze each mistake and figure out a correction.

Two. Share Your Mistakes

Share this information with someone close to you. The whole concept of pattern recognition, correction analysis, and then implementation is greatly empowered by sharing with a friend. The fact that a friend supports you and cares about you, and doesn’t think you’re crazy with your analysis will go a long way towards helping you implement your new approach.

Express your shame and guilt and disappointment out loud to your friend. This is the most healthy thing you can do. The alternative is denial, which results in no growth at all, and over time an acceleration of guilt and shame until one will just quit.

It is extremely important to prevent the accumulation of guilt and shame from repeated failures.

Be a problem solver; do not just move on.

Three. Trade

Now let’s discuss a real life challenge. One weekend I went out to see my daughter in Amherst, Massachusetts. The main attraction of the weekend was going to be a strawberry rhubarb pie handmade by my daughter, and consumed in good part by myself. I knew in advance that my reading on the scale would be way off the following Monday. How was I going to prevent a psychiatric meltdown?

I basically used the same technique that I have applied when I figured out how to have a breakfast with a friend, or have a nice lunch, and then within a day or two get right back without any hunger to where I wanted to be.

The answer is very simple. Have the same standard breakfast of a protein-based omelette with vegetables, and then almost no lunch, and a very light supper. The supper should be more no more than a one egg omelette with turkey, for example, or perhaps just a hard-boiled egg. Keep repeating this procedure for as many days as necessary until your weight returns to normal. It should not take more than two days.

Four. Adjust

Be willing to alter your routine if necessary, to improve the overall compatibility of the daily activity. This can even include changing the exercises that you perform. By taking charge of your destiny in this way you very quickly will maximize your effectiveness in reaching your goals.

Chapter 8: Menu Ideas

For Breakfast

    One or two egg omelette with cheddar cheese and vegetables (broccoli, spinach, sliced brussel sprouts, asparagus, string beans, cauliflower, sautteed mushrooms, etc)

    Scrambled eggs and sardines or kippers

Notes: One egg is often all you need. Use lactaid or other milk substitute instead of milk if sensitive to milk.

Also, use different kinds of sauces like salsa, or avocado and salsa for variation.

For Lunch

    Strawberries, blueberries and grapes with yogurt and nuts (almonds and walnuts)

    Option of chicken, egg, turkey, or tuna salad

For Dinner

    Small portion of entree & vegetable,

    (no rice, potato, or pasta)

    Or Salad with protein:

        Caesar salad and steak tips,

        Greek salad and chicken

    Or two sauteed scallops and mushrooms in omelette

Chapter 9. Making Things Happen

When things just don’t go right, something has to give. Here are a couple of actual adjustments I had to make on my journey.

One. Reduce the Overall Portion Size of Vegetables

Early on in my diet effort, I realized that a tiny amount of protein and a bunch of vegetables was not getting me any thinner. Upon analysis, I realized that the volume of the vegetables was just too large. My stomach was just too full for my digestive system to get around to eating my stores of fat. Solution: I cut down my total portion size of vegetables greatly and the problem was solved.

Two. Brutally Cut Out All Snacks

This may seem trite to say over and over, but I had to realize that I was allowing myself to have a handful of nuts, or gorp, from time to time, and this was ruining my final diet progress. Once I cut this out, I reached my goal.

Three. Expand Mandates to Supermarkets and Bakeries

It is often not enough to keep many foods out of the home. You may also need to order yourself not to purchase and eat them in supermarkets and bakeries. This apples to all seven mandates in point 2 of Part One: letters A-G.

Chapter 10: Maintaining Your New Weight

One. Go High Quality

Don’t eat low quality food. The easiest and best way to maintain your weight is to insist that you only eat the highest quality food. This means no second rate pastries, and no second-rate candy.

Two. Cut Out the Bulk Items

Stop serving yourself bread, potato, rice and pasta.

Three. Eat Less, or Exercise More

Your food needs are much less, now that you weigh a lot less. Either eat less or exercise more.

For example, make sure your yogurt, fruit and nut combo fits into a teacup, instead of a cereal bowl or large coffee mug.

Four. Perform Freeform, Resonance Dancing To Music

Just start moving in resonance with lively music. There is no right or wrong. You make up your own moves, freeform, as you go along. You can do this inside your apartment, or out on the grass. Use Bluetooth Earphones wirelessly connected to your Apple Music on your iPhone. See opening photo in Part One. Don’t worry about what others think, just resonate with the music as best you can. You will improve very quickly. You will find that this is great exercise and self-empowerment.

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