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It is now possible for almost everybody to quickly read with incredible enjoyment and success. Very few people realize that this is possible, and without any cost for new software or hardware. This article will explain how this is possible, and how to go about empowering yourself, or your students, with this new, life-long skill.

With our approach most people can easily read textbooks, novels and Internet articles quickly and well, with excellent speed, concentration, comprehension, recall and enjoyment, anywhere from average reading speed up to 500 words per minute and above.

Take a few moments here and now to discover what seems too fantastic and too good to be true. Realize that this is actually possible for you to achieve. I can promise you that you will learn a tremendous amount in the next few minutes that can benefit you for many years.

The key to doing all this is to use adjustable-speed computer-voice to accompany the text as you read the text just ahead of the sound, with special controls and special pagination and technique. This approach is called Proportional Reading (PR).

Most people think that voice reading is just for blind people, or for audio books heard at normal  speaking speed, while you are driving or doing the dishes.

Actually, just the opposite is true. Adjustable-speed computer-voice is the best tool for increasing your ability to read fast and well and with high focus and concentration. This approach is much more than just listening to text read out loud. You actually read the text ahead of the sound, in an new way, which enables you to go much faster than reading by sound alone or by just seeing text alone.

You do not have to buy a new computer or special software. You can use your existing Mac or PC computer, or you can use your new iPad, or iPhone, or iPod Touch. Thus, you do not even have to have a computer or special software. The Mac computers and iOS Devices are already equipped to do this. PC computers are also able to do this. Schools and colleges do not have to buy any new hardware, or provide new building space for hardware.

What is meant by "almost everybody"? Specifically, almost all average and good readers (4-12 grade, college, and adult) can quickly read Internet articles as well as textbooks and novels at 350-500 words per minute and above, with excellent comprehension and enjoyment.

Besides average and good readers, who else can benefit from this program? This program provides immediate help for all slow readers and almost all special students including those with learning disabilities, MS, spinal injury, traumatic brain injury, severe arthritis, chronic neck pain, low vision, ESL, ADHD, CAPD, or any of a number of mental challenges.

What is meant by "read with incredible enjoyment"? All reading anxiety disappears instantly. Words of descriptive text turn into pictures and movies as you read. Reading becomes like going to the movies, but more fun because you are participating with your own imagination. Students want to (and choose to) read assigned reading, and they choose to talk about what they have read with others. Students quickly realize that reading and learning through reading is now more fun and more beneficial than watching television or playing games. They choose to become life-long learners because of the higher joy, thrill and empowerment as compared to alternative uses of their time.

What is meant by reading with "success"? Students are immediately able to focus and concentrate on what they are reading; they are able to think about what they read; they are able to understand and remember what they read; and they are able to discuss what they have learned with others, and on tests. Comprehension goes up. Grade scores go up, and long term memory improves. These skills are transferrable skills that can be applied to any reading. Furthermore, students learn new vocabulary and how to pronounce and use these new words. They also learn how to start thinking in larger thought intervals and groupings of concepts, and how to speak clearly to others in larger thought groupings. As students practice with daily news articles or magazine articles on the internet, or with (other) assigned reading, they develop and improve their transferrable skills, in addition to getting their work done.

What are the four major capabilities this reading approach (PR) provides to all people who are in business, or who are out of work (among others), in addition to just improving reading speed and comprehension:

  1. 1.Reading this way is by far the most enjoyable and beneficial use of time that a person can make. Experiencing joy for long periods, while you simultaneously gain knowledge and power is a great mix, especially when you can read this way for free for the rest of your life, once you learn how.

  2. 2.Combining voice and text at high speed, in combination with properly paginated text, which can be done with any e-book, enables the mind to quickly acquire and master an overview of the subject under discussion. Because this occurs at the speed at which the mind processes thought, and without error, and with total cognitive control by the reader, there is a concentration, focus, and clarity that leads to simultaneous micro and macro understanding of the subject matter, that the reader then wants to share through discussion and/or implementation.

  3. 3.There also is an incredible amount of insight and “application thinking” that occurs at the end of each paragraph. When you read this way, at the speed and focus your mind wants to work at, the mind starts to have a continuous discussion with the Real Self, to identify and communicate insights.

  4. 4.Attention span increases to 2-3 hours from 15-20 minutes.

What is required of you? You must be willing to put a few minutes each day for two weeks into personal growth in your reading skills. You must be willing to learn new ways to use equipment you already own or have access to. You also must be willing to learn some new concepts and experience how these new concepts provide immediate benefits for you. Most people need about two hours of formal instruction, followed by practice of new techniques on our free web site and on their own equipment, practicing on their own time.

What is this learning process like? It is like learning to drive. Almost all people learning to drive use their parents' cars or a car that they personally own or have access to. What they learn is how to use what they already possess or have access to. This is what you will do with our reading instruction. After a  short period of instruction you will leave with a new life-long reading skill, like the ability to drive.

In the case of this reading improvement we have worked out the concepts and procedures over many years and used them with with many thousands of students and adults. Our approach is called Proportional Reading (PR). Our main web site is www.helpmyreading.com.

What is your next step? You go to our website. This is where you go to take our Free Reading Course (see below), order our User Manual, and sign up for one-on-one help as needed. We work simultaneously over the phone (or Skype) and over the internet, with individuals or whole classes, anywhere in the world. On-site presentations can also be arranged.

If you would like to learn more about the major principles and technologies that work together in this approach, click on this Article.

If you would like to learn more about specifically How and Why the underlying concepts work together, please click on this Article.

We teach you how to master a new type of reading. We offer training in how to use the software that you already have on your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Mac laptop, or Mac desktop computer,  or on your PC (including software that you can download for free). The first part of the training teaches setup and operation of the controls for this new type of reading. The second part of the training teaches you how to improve your reading using these controls and this new approach. You will learn how to use this approach to read almost any article on the Internet or any textbook or novel at the speed you think, up to and above 500 words per minute. Besides completing assigned reading, you will overcome the 18 Bad Reading Habits and develop transferrable skills for reading regular books.

What you will experience in our approach to reading is a new way to experience a lecture, combined with a new way to read. Imagine going to a lecture  where you get to choose the speed at which the professor speaks. Secondly, as the professor speaks you also read each sentence, and just ahead of the sound, pausing at the commas and periods for the sound to catch up. Thus, the sound acts to immediately correct any reading errors, and completely removes any reading anxiety. At the end of each sentence, the sound pauses automatically for as long as you wish, for you to think about what you have just read for as long as you want. Then when you are ready, you press a single key to proceed. You can also repeat any sentence as many times as you want before proceeding. You are in complete control. You proceed with full comprehension and focus at the speed your mind processes thought. With a little practice, you will quickly increase your speed.

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