Watch these FOUR Introductory Movies

(Pick the Speed that is right for you)


3. Next we show all average and good readers how to further improve their reading. This approach helps you learn what it feels like to read without using your muscles as you read. Try to hear an inner voice. Let the words turn into pictures and movies as you read. You will be able to experience a number of speeds. There is no need to move your eyes.

This approach helps readers learn how to overcome subvocalization. It also helps you learn how to recognize words at shorter exposure and with peripheral vision, and how to read by punctuation intervals at higher speed.

In addition to helping all average readers and all good readers, the movie below will also provide immediate help for Dyslexia, ADHD and low vision.

Help for


Readers and

Good Readers

Help for

Dyslexia, ADHD, and

low vision

Help for Beginners and

ESL Students

Easily read any assigned Novel or Textbook.

1. This is just one sample of many approaches and speeds we have to help you read better with more enjoyment. We help all readers from the earliest beginners to very advanced readers. The movie above shows help for BEGINNERS. To assess your child and discover how to help your child, watch all of our 11 movies for beginners. Students use these initial tools to learn how to pronounce words correctly and read text smoothly, without guessing.

2. Then students use our approach to read actual chapter books, novels, and textbooks, and any text typed by the teacher. This approach is ideal for 3rd and 4th grade, middle school, and high school. This is voice and text at normal speaking speed. Speed is adjustable. Optionally, you can have each sentence read out loud twice.

Students learn how to read and think by punctuation intervals, pausing at commas and periods, and relating these major sentence parts to each other. Try this out below.

4. After you learn the skills discussed in the movie just above, you are ready to transfer these skills to reading regular pages of text with much faster speed, comprehension, focus and enjoyment. Check out the movie just below.

We use high speed voice and text (with 16 short movies right here) to teach this transferrable skill for reading regular books.

After you take our free reading course right here, you will have no trouble reading at higher speeds. Our approach allows all students in middle school, high school, and college to read any actual course book or novel with excellent speed, comprehension, focus and enjoyment. Any text on the Internet can also be read with this approach.

Reading advanced text

at high speed

with high focus and


After learning new skills on this site, most people will want to do additional practice at each level. Most people also want to use our approach to read books and articles this way. We can show you how to do this. Take advantage of our free initial consultation.     1 to 1 counseling is also available as needed.

Now that you have seen these sample movies and understand the direction of this course, begin our program where it is right for you.

Beginners should start with our Program for Beginners.

All average and good readers should begin with our Homework Assignment and Free Course. This includes all students in high school and college who want to read their assignments in much less time, with improved comprehension, focus, and enjoyment.

ESL students and students with Learning Disabilities, ADHD, and Low Vision will find specific help in each part of our program.