Reading TextBooks and Regular Books

(with High-speed voice and text)

  1. Both movies on this page, then

  2. 2.Click here and Read Moby Dick

  3. 3.Take our Free Reading Improvement Course to learn how to Read this way. The best way to do this is to do our Homework Assignment.


The text of each of the two movies appears below.


Our goal is to help students and adults read their regular school books and anything else they want to read, easily, quickly and with good comprehension and real enjoyment. This includes course texts and all regular books. Once you have mastered basic decoding, automaticity, and fluency and how to think about what you are reading, and the transferrable techniques of the “Silent Reading” movies, you are ready to start reading regular pages with High-Speed Voice and Text.

Please Note: the techniques of the “Silent Reading” movies, Speed 1-7, are designed to teach transferrable skills. They are incredible for this purpose. However, you can not stop easily and review a full sentence, paragraph or page of text with the Speed 1-7 movies. They are excellent for pre-reading and high-speed review, but not for the main read. The following High-Speed Voice and Text approach is ideal for regular reading. This approach also shows you how to transfer the techniques of Silent Reading you just learned to reading regular text.

Here is what you will see and can do with our software and this approach:

  1. 1.Each page on the computer screen will appear just as it does in the regular book, with blank lines between paragraphs, and the first word of each new paragraph indented. You will easily be able to tell where you are in the regular book, if you have that open as well.

  2. 2.As you read, the computer voice will be just behind your own silent reading, instantly correcting anything you have gotten wrong. Please note: readers initially object to the voice until  the voice speed is the same speed as they read. People do not realize that it is not the sound of the voice, but the speed of presentation that is important. This is one of our major  discoveries. Have faith, you will quickly match your needs with this approach.

  3. 3.At any point you can press “enter”, or click on “enter” and have the sound paused; click again to have the sound repeated.

  4. 4.You can also click on the down-page or up-page arrow, and instantly go back or forward one screen of text. Then you can just review this screen of text or have it read to you.

  5. 5.Your goal is to pause only on the longer words (5 or more letters) and at the punctuation points. At these punctuation points, you wait for the sound to catch up. You do not pause on the short words, 1-4 letters long. Because of your work with the “Silent Reading” movies and our Training DVD, you are now able to see these short words with your peripheral vision.

  6. 6.There are many accurate voices to choose between, some male and some female.

  7. 7.You have complete control over the speed of the voice.

  8. 8.The voice will pace your reading. As you practice, you will soon get to where you are reading a full book page of text every minute. This means that you will be reading the average book in 3-4 hours, seeing and hearing every word.

  9. 9.As you practice, you will start to transfer this new way of reading to your reading of regular books.

  10. 10. There are a number of other things you can do with this program. For one thing you can have word processing document open on  the screen right next to the PR window. When you come to a word you do not know, copy it and paste it into the On-line Dictionary window and get the pronunciation and definition. Then copy and paste this definition to the top of you word processing document. Leave a blank line between words. You will be creating a vocabulary sheet as you read without doing any typing. Review this developing list periodically to develop a strong vocabulary.

  11. 11. A second thing you can do is make a note file of sections of text, and/or your  own thoughts, as you read. Just select and copy sections of text from the PR window  into the clipboard and then paste these sections to the top of the word processing document which you have up on the screen along with the PR window. At any time you can type in your notes or thoughts. Then click back on the PR window and restart the presentation. No typing of these copied notes, or re-typing of handwritten notes is required when writing papers.

  12. 12. Typing in your own notes as you read is a wonderful way to increase focus and greatly improve concentration and comprehension while reading. We have a specialized Book and Page Holder for this purpose.

  13. 13. Any paper you have written you can bring up in a word processing window right next to the PR window. Then have our PR software read out your paper, sentence by sentence. Stop whenever something sounds wrong. Make changes in the word processing document and then continue with the PR voice and text presentation. When done, save your paper and reload it into our software and it should sound great. This technique is called audio editing.

  14. 14. If you want to read by punctuation intervals, instead of sentences, you can easily do so. We can show you how to do this.

  15. 15. We can also show you how to remove the paragraph marks, while leaving the  indentation of the first word in each paragraph. This greatly speeds  up the presentation, if you are ready for this.

  16. 16. The program is so sophisticated that operation can be totally handled with a mouse. Operation is very simple.

  17. 17. Highlighting color can be instantly changed, or eliminated. Brightness and contrast can be easily adjusted.

  18. 18. Essentially all books in Elementary School, Middle School, High School and College can be read with this technique, math and chemistry excepted.


Reading Program for Textbooks and Literature

The Proportional Reading program has been designed to help all students in middle school, high school and college read their textbooks and literature with increased speed, comprehension and enjoyment. The goal is to improve performance, reduce frustration and anxiety, and increase enjoyment and efficiency. The program will help all students graduate, with competence and self-confidence.

Specifically, this program allows you to read textbooks and novels that might not otherwise get read, and/or in much less time, and with far better comprehension. High-speed voice accompanies the visual presentation of highlighted text. You control the speed and many other variables.

The program also allows you to:

1.Take text notes without any writing or typing.

2.Build a vocabulary list as you read, also without typing.

3.Edit your papers with spoken sound.

4.Work together in small study groups, discussing text by section.

5.Read text that is much easier to see: larger characters, blank lines between paragraphs, and less text per (screen) page. You will never again be overwhelmed by too much text on a page.

6.Adjust presentation for brightness, contrast and screen glare

7.Repeat text as needed.

8.Read all course related text on the Internet.

9.Read course related and other E-mail.

10.Read anything your teacher types.

11.Always go/know exact page where you are or where to go.

12.Review/Reread text at much faster speed.

13.Get initial training and empowerment before you start.

14.Review subject matter easily after you leave the school or university.

You can use this software for many courses in the school or university, specifically:

1.English (novels and short stories and all classic literature)




5.Social Studies


  1. 7.Law

  2. 8.Nursing and Health

9.General Science Courses (with few or no math equations or chemistry formulas)

In addition to these task-specific tools the program will:

1.Increase your ability to speak English well.

2.Improve your overall reading and writing

3.Empower you to read this way any book in e-text (or text on the Internet).

4.Instant empowerment for Dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, ESL and Low Vision

You are in charge of many variables. Here is a specific list:

1.There are a number of voices to choose between, male and female.

2.The speed of the speaking voice can be adjusted to go slower or faster.

3.Each sentence can repeat once as it advances, or just advance normally.

4.You can have any specific sentence or any screen of text repeat.

5.You can control the amount of text (cognitive interval) highlighted.

6.You can adjust both screen and environmental brightness and contrast.

7.You can change the highlight color, or remove it.

8.You can have the text and background reversed, to greatly reduce glare.

What You Will and Won’t See and Hear on the Computer

This program accompanies textbooks. The textbook is essential to make this program work.

Each new page in the book is numbered on the corresponding computer screen with the same number as in the book. You are meant to simultaneously view the textbook on a lectern, just below the raised screen of your laptop (flat screen or monitor). Only the main text is on the computer screen and heard. All of the graphics and non-main text is to be viewed in the book as you read. Specifically, all of the following items are just in the book, and not in the main text that is read on the computer at normal or high speed:

1.All charts, graphs, pictures, diagrams, maps and illustrations

2.All tables

3.All captions

4.All headers and footers

5.All side notes and warning signs

6.All blocks of colored text and other text inserts

7.All footnotes

8.All bibliographies

9.All glossaries, indexes and tables of contents

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(This movie is much faster.) By taking our Free Reading Course you can quickly and easily learn how to read this fast and much faster, and with improved comprehension and enjoyment.