Assistive Technology

For Reading Improvement

We Provide Individualized Help For:

  1. Spinal Injury

  2. Traumatic Brain Injury

  3. Aphasia

  4. MS

  5. Chronic Pain (pain management without drugs)

  6. Low Vision

  7. Learning Disabilities, ADHD, ESL

We specialize in 1-to-1, customized help for all aspects of Reading Improvement and Recovery:

  1. Focus

  2. Concentration

  3. Comprehension

  4. Speed

  5. Memory/Recall

  6. Removal of Anxiety

  7. Adjustable-Speed, Computerized Voice and Text Reading

  8. Automatic, Manual, and Remote Page Turning

  9. Reading by Adjustable Cognitive Intervals of Increasing Length

  10. Reading Ergonomics (lighting, posture, and comfort)

  11. Dictation with Speech Recognition

  12. The Joy of Reading

We Provide:

  1. Highly engineered reading stands and holders for books and iPads

  2. Consultation

  3. One-on-One Training in Reading Improvement

  4. System Integration Training in Dictation with Speech Recognition

  5. Free Reading Improvement Course

Call Us to Discuss Your Individual Needs: 1-978-927-9234

(We work with Individuals, Families, Occupational Therapists, and Case Managers)