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(Help with Reading, Pronunciation, Spoken English fluency, AND REDUCED ACCENT)


Help for All ESL levels: Beginners, intermediate and advanced

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Special presentation of text by increasing cognitive intervals, combined with interactive voice, will provide immediate improvement in pronunciation and fluent spoken English as well as reading fluency. This approach will also eliminate reading anxiety. Take our free reading improvement course and see for yourself. Call us for our free initial consultation.

Our approaches provide excellent help for the two major groups of ESL learners. The first group of learners are learning English in a country where English is the native and dominant language. Here their English teachers are almost always native English speakers. Learners have often migrated here as young people who speak a foreign language at home. These ESL learners need to start with the techniques for ESL Beginners. Alternatively, ESL learners have moved here from other countries to go to college, i.e. as nursing students or engineers, or they have come here to conduct business. Often these students and adults can already speak English, but they are overwhelmed by the amount of reading they have to do, and they want to improve their reading and speaking fluency and reduce their foreign accents. This group of learners benefits by the techniques for Advanced ESL learners.

The second group of ESL learners are learning English in a different country where English is not the native or dominant language. Another language like French, German, Spanish or Chinese is the dominant language and in addition, the teachers are often not native English speakers. Both the students and the teachers in this group will benefit greatly by more emphasis on the techniques for ESL beginners and Intermediate ESL learners.

When they have mastered these techniques they should move up to the techniques for Advanced ESL learners.

Here is a tip for all ESL learners. When you are reading along out loud with text that is also being spoken out loud, use a pair of headphones to hear the computer voice clearly. If you do this, you will have no trouble also hearing your own voice. Otherwise, your voice may interfere with hearing the computer voice clearly. Try out both approaches and see for yourself which is better for you. Also, make sure you have set the speed of the computer voice correctly for your needs. Slow the speed down to what you feel comfortable with.

Here is another tip for all ESL learners. As you read along out loud with text that is also read out loud, make a list of words that you have trouble pronouncing, and then go over this list with a teacher or consultant to learn the principles involved in saying each of these words correctly.

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We teach you how to master a new type of reading. We offer training in how to use the software that you already have on your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Mac laptop, or Mac desktop computer,  or on your PC (including software that you can download for free). The first part of the training teaches setup and operation of the controls for this new type of reading. The second part of the training teaches you how to improve your reading using these controls and this new approach. You will learn how to use this approach to read almost any article on the Internet or any textbook or novel at the speed you think, up to and above 500 words per minute. Besides completing assigned reading, you will overcome the 18 Bad Reading Habits and develop transferrable skills for reading regular books.

What you will experience in our approach to reading is a new way to experience a lecture, combined with a new way to read. Imagine going to a lecture  where you get to choose the speed at which the professor speaks. Secondly, as the professor speaks you also read each sentence, and just ahead of the sound, pausing at the commas and periods for the sound to catch up. Thus, the sound acts to immediately correct any reading errors, and completely removes any reading anxiety. At the end of each sentence, the sound pauses automatically for as long as you wish, for you to think about what you have just read for as long as you want. Then when you are ready, you press a single key to proceed. You can also repeat any sentence as many times as you want before proceeding. You are in complete control. You proceed with full comprehension and focus at the speed your mind processes thought. With a little practice, you will quickly increase your speed.

Furthermore, ESL students can try to read any section of text out loud, before they interactively press a keystroke to hear it read out loud. Also, they can repeat the sound of this section as many times as they want. In addition, they can also go through this section of text word by word, if desired.

NOW DO OUR FREE, LIVE, INTERACTIVE DEMO ON YOUR MAC (DESKTOP OR LAPTOP), IPAD, IPHONE, IPOD TOUCH, OR PC. Experience a completely new and superior way to read, where you read with total comprehension, and at the speed your mind can process concepts, without anxiety, and with great focus, concentration and enjoyment.

This is a live, one-on-one, interactive demo, anywhere in the world. All you need is an Internet connection or WiFi. You do not need to install any software, or watch any video. You are ready to start right now. We will call you or Skype you. This Demo takes under FIVE MINUTES. There is absolutely no cost or obligation of any kind. E-mail us at, or Call 978-927-9234.

Go To Our Free Training Manual. This Manual leads you through our Free Reading Improvement Course and shows you how to set up your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac (laptop or desktop), or PC to  read text with adjustable-speed, computer-voice and text. This manual is ideal for self-instruction. Learn More.

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