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A New and Better Way to Read, Comprehend, Focus, Remember, and Communicate

Instant Pro-active and Remedial Help for Early Dementia

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Many studies have now shown that using your mind to read, think and communicate helps prevent, delay, or diminish early stage Dementia.

A specific way to read and think and communicate has been developed for adults facing Dementia that does just this. This approach is called Proportional Reading (PR). In this approach, focus, comprehension, and reading ability are greatly increased with the result that senior citizens enjoy reading, learning, thinking, remembering, and communicating.

This approach does not require any specific medication, or vitamins, or diet regime. You do not have to buy a computer or software. You can use your existing iPad or other iOS device, or computer.

The approach is so powerful that senior citizens and their caregivers and loved ones, children and spouses, can instantly tell whether this approach works.

Because verification of worth can be done instantly and at home, and involves no additional medication or vitamins, we offer to provide this verification for free.

This approach is described below.

Proportional Reading is basically a better way to read, in which voice accompanies text, just behind your actual reading of the text, which is in large font size. An automatic pause occurs after each sentence for you to think about what you just read for as long as you want, and you can repeat any sentence as often as you wish. You can also increase speed to match the speed at which your brain processes thought, up to 500 words per minute and above.

Dementia can be thought of as a form of obstruction to thought. In this respect Dementia is very similar to external or internal noise, which makes reading, focusing, and thinking so difficult for many. However, Dementia is a special form of mental challenge, in that it occurs almost naturally to many older people. Despite these differences, the same tools that overcome internal and external noise for other mental challenges, ADHD, and noisy environments work to enable reading and thinking for many facing or dealing with Dementia.

Written by

John F. Adams

Proportional Reading

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