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A great many students and adults of all ages are distracted by noise that interferes with their ability to focus, concentrate and comprehend as they read. This noise takes three forms.

The first is normal external noise in the environment, such as in a crowded room, or on a train or bus. Many college students present this problem. Students with ADD/ADHD experience it even more severely.

The second type of noise is internal noise, which comes from unwanted thoughts and anxieties. This is present in a great many mental challenges like depression, paranoid (delusional) schizophrenia, PTSD, OCD, anxiety attacks, and many personality disorders. Note: in some of these mental challenges dysfunctional control presents to avoid the unwanted thoughts.

The third form of noise is silent. This is increasing obstruction to the free flow of ideas in the brain. This is most often seen in early onset dementia and Alzheimers. See our special article on Help for Dementia.

All of these forms of noise can be quickly eliminated by the Proportional Reading (PR) approach, especially when using earphones. The self-directed, exploding comprehension, at the speed which the mind thinks, and with the back-up computer voice heard at adjustable-speed, is so compelling that it prevents any chance or desire to let in distracting noise, external or internal or silent. Those dealing with ADHD or mental challenges experience an Escape Into Normalcy. Improvement is verifiable immediately.

Six Immediate Uses of PR with Mental Challenges

  1. 1.Ability to read, focus, comprehend and think again, often after many years.

  2. 2.Ability to get insights from reading and thinking.

  3. 3.Ability and desire to communicate with others about ideas, verbally and in writing.

  4. 4.Ability to use PR as INTERVENTION TOOL to prevent sliding into a new period of illness from anxiety, delusion, or grief. Client is taught to view himself on a train tack. When he (or she) sees a train coming, he can either let the train run over him, or he can activate the switch between the train and where he is standing, so that the train goes off on a side track and misses him completely. This is a free choice. No individual has to let the bad thoughts in and escalate. He does not have to “let it happen”. Just start reading with the PR approach, and the “bad thoughts” will stop or be kept out.

  5. 5.Buildup of self-confidence and feeling of being normal, when reading with PR, and because of having used PR.

  6. 6.Gradual increase in transferrable skills (from reading with the PR approach), to where increasing amounts of time are spent in normal activity, not reading with PR. The techniques of focus, comprehension and gaining insight, learned from doing PR, when combined with the increased sense of self-worth, provide the empowerment to expand activities.

Written by

John F. Adams

Proportional Reading

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