Where To Begin This Course if you are a student and An Average reader

(Note: Parents, Teachers and Administrators Click Here for Overview)

(Note: If you need help with basics of reading, i.e. decoding words and reading text smoothly, go to our Help for Beginners. This is also called Voice and Text Instruction.)

If you are an average reader you should do our Course. The best way by far to do our Course is to do the matching Homework Assignment, which goes through the Steps of our Course in order.

However, some people may want to just learn a particular skill, or begin at a particular point. The information below will assist you to achieve these objectives.

Everyone should begin with a short Self-Evaluation of their own reading. This is Step 1 of our Course. After this:

  1. If you can read text out loud smoothly, but you still have poor comprehension, then you want to start on Step 3 of our Course. This Step discusses The 23 Basic Comprehension Skills.

  1. If you Fall Asleep when reading, go to Step 4 of our Course and read this Article.

  1. If you get neck, back and/or shoulder pain when reading, go to Step 5

of our Course and learn about Proper Reading Posture.

  1. If you read text out loud smoothly, and you have good comprehension, but you read slowly or very slowly, then you want to start on Step 6 of our Course. This Step deals with Overcoming Subvocalization, whispering and moving your lips. You learn to hear an inner voice and to turn descriptive text into pictures and movies. You also learn to recognize words at short exposure and to recognize 1-4 letter words with your peripheral vision. In addition, you learn what it feels like to read by punctuation intervals and to read at or near the speed at which your brain processes text. Finally, you begin to experience reading as a process where you concentrate on the content of what you are reading, rather than the process of reading.

  1. If you need more practice with the new concepts and new skills of Step 6, then you want to watch the seven Practice Movies in Step 7 of our Course.

  1. If you are already a good or very good reader, but want to take your reading to the next levels of speed and comprehension, then you want to start on Step 8 of our Course, with additional practice on Steps 6 and 7 as needed. Step 8  teaches you How to Transfer New Skills to Reading Regular Books.

  1. If you have done this Course, and you want help Reading Almost Any Novel or Textbook (or any text on the Internet) quickly and easily, then go to Step 9 of this Course.

  1. If you need help with Dyslexia, ADD, ADD/ADHD, Low Vision, ESL or Brain Trauma, watch the movies of this Course and discover over 25 different ways text can be presented, with and without sound, to provide immediate help for your specific issues. Also, check out our many specific articles in our Articles Section. Also, take advantage of our free initial consultation.

  1. If you need help with the physical challenge of arthritis, spinal injury or spastic motion go to Step 5 of this Course and learn about Proper Reading Posture and our specialized book holders for reading at just the right height and distance, in comfort, and without needing to hold the book up or the page open.

  1. If you need help with spelling, go to Help For Beginners. The best way to improve your spelling is to stop guessing and read what is right in front of you, trying out each of the one or more sounds for the letter combination(s) right in front of you, and choosing the appropriate pick from context. Be sure to pronounce each word and each phrase properly, echoing what you hear if necessary.

  1. If you need help with writing, the best approach by far is to improve your reading comprehension, reading speed and reading enjoyment. So, do Steps 1-9 of this Free Course. If you can not get through assigned reading and read the assigned reading with good comprehension, you will have little or nothing to say. Furthermore, reading well, by punctuation intervals and thinking about their relationship to one another in the sentence, inculcates good writing habits. Each day, write a little bit about what you have read that day. Also, keep a private journal/diary. In addition, go to Step 9 of this Course and read about a number of specific, additional writing tools of great help.

We teach you how to master a new type of reading. We offer training in how to use the software that you already have on your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Mac laptop, or Mac desktop computer,  or on your PC (including software that you can download for free). The first part of the training teaches setup and operation of the controls for this new type of reading. The second part of the training teaches you how to improve your reading using these controls and this new approach. You will learn how to use this approach to read almost any article on the Internet or any textbook or novel, at the speed you think, up to and above 500 words per minute. Besides completing assigned reading, you will overcome the 18 Bad Reading Habits and develop transferrable skills for reading regular books.

What you will experience in our approach to reading is a new way to experience a lecture, combined with a new way to read. Imagine going to a lecture  where you get to choose the speed at which the professor speaks. Secondly, as the professor speaks you also read each sentence, and just ahead of the sound, pausing at the commas and periods for the sound to catch up. Thus, the sound acts to immediately correct any reading errors, and completely removes any reading anxiety. At the end of each sentence, the sound pauses automatically for as long as you wish, for you to think about what you have just read for as long as you want. Then when you are ready, you press a single key to proceed. You can also repeat any sentence as many times as you want before proceeding. You are in complete control. You proceed with full comprehension and focus at the speed your mind processes thought. With a little practice, you will quickly increase your speed.

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